Iron Wo-man

Before we get to iron lets chat about how my posting has dropped… A new girl started at work and yours truly is her mentor! Quite the quick turn around since I started in August, still really exciting. When I started I was really overwhelmed with all the information that was thrown at me so I have taken that feeling and attempted to make her not feel that way and so far she is doing great. Shiny star to the both of us! Yesterday I played on some cardio equipment, which is the first in a long time. I did this because I knew we would be playing down again a man in soccer last night and I wanted to get out of the office for lunch. I figured what better way to burn some calories, read a good book, and still be able to function at night. Soccer wasn’t until 9:30PM so I had time for a great dinner and dessert. I made stuffed acorn squash on Monday and only made it through half so I put that in the oven to warm up and cooked up a portobella mushroom with 1/2 a zucchini squash to finish off the meal. The squash bowl was super easy to make. Bake the squash @400F for 40 minutes. I cooked up some chicken with kale and salsa to stuff mine with and topped with hot sauce! photo 1(2)For dessert I decided to try something new, it took 2 tries to get it perfect. Of course I didn’t take a picture of the perfect one but oh well. All you need is one sliced up banana, unsweetened coconut shreds, cinnamon, a bit of sea salt, and a little bit of maple syrup, honey would work too! This was so yummy and nixed my sweet 2(2)Soccer was great last night, it was 5 v 6, they had subs, we did not and it showed a few times, not too many though. At the half it was 1-0 them. They got a few lucky breaks and the score went up to 6-0, but we came back for a 6-4 game before they snuck 2 more in on us and the game ended at 8-4. Still not to shabby. I love indoor because it is a great sprinting work out and a huge calorie torcher. I always wake up in the morning STARVING. Today that was perfect because I am giving blood at 8am and needed to get breakfast in 3(1)The avocados I bought on Sunday are finally getting ripe so I was able to add 1/2 of one to my pile of sweet potato wheels, eggs, and hot sauce. Yum! Seeing as we are at the end of the post what is up with this Iron Wo-man thing? When I was younger, high school, I used to love donating blood because it just made me feel good being able to help with something besides money and that I knew could only be used for one thing. You can find so many articles on organizations that you donate to and how their CEOs are making millions off of your donations and it makes me sick. Give them blood though and that goes right to some one in need, not a CEOs pocket. I donated blood all through high school and then when I got to college I got a tattoo in Oct of my freshman year, which puts you out of the running for donating for a few months. I then went through an ear piercing and tattoo phase pretty much all of college and never was eligible to donate. For my ears I have my lobes, cartilage, conch, rook, and tragus pierced, fun fact, and tattoos – I have 6, #winning. Moving on. Well I was also a vegetarian all through college so my iron was never stellar. Once college ended I tried to donate blood and my iron was HORRIBLE. I have tried a few times in the last 2 1/2 years and have yet to be able to donate because my iron was never high enough. Well at 8am I will find out if paleo and eating meat like a champion has finally brought my iron back up to a suitable level to donate. I am really optimistic and will be disappointed if I get turned down today. Every one wish me luck for a high iron level!!

Q: Do you donate blood?

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4 replies

  1. Your foods look awesome!! I love stuffing squash with lentils 🙂

  2. when I was in junior high and high school, they always told me my blood was “too warm”, whatever that means. I was able to donate on occasion. Then, while in university, I did some travelling… then next time I tried to donate, found out that some of those situations while travelling left me unable to donate for the foreseeable future, at least until they clarify the rules. Oh well! too hot for them anyways 😛

  3. I can’t donate blood because my iron levels are too low. They always have been. Oh well, I can still volunteer my services for them! That’s almost as good, right? 😉

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