Results of 5 x 7 Challenge

I wish I could say I smoked this like it was nothing but that would be a lie. I’m tired and sore. The week started out really well and after soccer on Tuesday night everything just kind of went downhill. I didn’t end up running on Saturday to give my body a needed break, I did do a TON of walking though so I gave myself 3 miles. It is my challenge so really the rules are whatever I make them : ) Sunday I came thisssss close to skipping running. I went to a 75 minute yoga class Sunday morning that kicked my butt, it also made me want to do yoga more, so I was sort of meh about the run. When I got home though my roommate had just gotten home from a run and looked super happy and I wanted to get happy so I went for it. I wasn’t super fast, I got rained up, my hands couldn’t find a happy temperature, and so on, BUT I did it. Now Monday I will definitely be cross training by rowing and lifting. That will probably ring true on Tuesday also because I have soccer. I was insanely exhausted Wednesday after running and playing soccer. Here are the totals of the week: minichallengeNot too bad right? I can understand why training schedules are normally filled with short – mid range runs and then one long run. The actual distance of 5 miles wasn’t daunting by any means. It was the 5 miles every day, not enough time to stretch over lunch, and watching my time get slower that was the hardest part. I blamed my Garmin a few times, tall trees, tall building, electrical wires, you name it. They were all after my Garmin to screw with the signal and slow me down. Now that this challenge is over I will will be hitting the weights Monday and Tuesday, playing soccer Tuesday evening, and Wednesday see how I am doing. I don’t plan on doing one of these running “challenges” again. It was not fun and on Saturday I felt really bad about skipping!

Starting out the week with the usual sweet potato and egg breakfast and I am off to work! I woke up feeling a little sick this morning so hopefully water and oranges will knock this thing out. Happy Monday everyone and I HOPE this is your last week before taking some vacation!!!photo

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  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself (a problem of mine as well). It being the time of year it is, best to take stock of 2012 and celebrate all the big and little victories you can think of 🙂

  2. Awesome week of mileage! Everyone should take a rest day once a week!

  3. I motivated YOU to get out and exercise?? Maybe the world IS going to end….

    awesome/crazy week!

  4. You did it!! This is awesome, and you needed that rest day so it became part of the challenge. I think you did great.

  5. I tried to do 1 mile a day for a month. That lasted about 3 days… BUT YOU ARE AWESOME!! So proud of you 🙂

  6. Way to go! That is very impressive!
    Every time I go to yoga, I think that I should be there more often!


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