Boyfriend Work Out

Whenever the boy and I work out together the work outs typically are a bit heavier and more challenging. Not that running isn’t challenging, just two different work outs! So today we pulled a WOD from my buddies crossfit gym ( and tweaked it to what equipment we had available. I will make this WOD pretty and add it to the BF Work Outs page shortly! It felt awesome to get a good sweat in with out running. I think I may have ran myself out last week with my mini challenge.

Iron Thighs

5×5 front squat at 90% of max effort (I did 95lbs, my form crumbled at 100lbs)

600m row
40 air squats
10 toe to bars

This took us 17:30 for the WOD but we had to wait a bit because rowing took longer than the other two exercises. The strength portion was about 10 minutes.

After this work out it was definitely feeding I decided to break tradition this week and not buy salad greens. So for lunch I had Pinchito/Curry Butternut Squash soup (recipe to come shortly), Logan’s Salvadorian style sausage, paleo bread, an orange, and a big glass of water mixed with some vitamin C powder because I think I’m getting sick. Holy yum and holy full.

P.S – A few other menial announcements I can’t help but share with you guys. 1) I finally mailed out all the earrings, get excited ladies, 2) I will be driving home at the end of the week to spend 9 whole days with my family!!!, 3) My mom, after working at Kodak for the last 32 years, has accepted a new job with a company that bought out the digital imaging unit of Kodak!! This will be her 2nd job ever. How crazy!! So congrats Mom!!!

Q: What is your favorite non running work out?
Q: I have an acorn squash at home wanting to be cooked, any one have any fun recipe ideas?

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9 replies

  1. Whoo hoooo congrats to your mom!! Awesome workout too!! I have an acorn squash that needs to be grubbed too and I am debating between stuffing it with quinoa, veg sausage, and salsa..or cinnamon and brown sugar!

  2. Awesome workout. My boyfriend just runs with me…does that count LOL? I hate buying salad greens in general because I feel they go bad before I can use them all to begin with!

  3. Great workout! And that curry butternut squash soup? Yum!

  4. I like circuit workouts! I did one at the gym today, and it’s so motivating! I love how it changes things up!

  5. I don’t know how you can work out with the boyfriend :O I just want to punch mine in the face when we work out together :/ haha


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