Fresh 5 Friday – dec 14

This has been a good week for blogs. I found some super awesome chics that can cook, eat, and sling heavy weights. I am also found some fun new veggies and fitness buffs.  If you don’t know what Fresh 5 Fridays are all about out this here post: Fresh 5 Friday.  In a nutshell every Friday I will post 5 new blogs I have found during the week who I think are awesome and that you should check out. Being a food and fitness blogger you can bet that they are along the same lines. Some more food and some more fitness!

If you haven’t found any new blogs in the past week then post some of your favorites. I think this will be an awesome way for people to find new blogs to follow that are similar to their interests. Then just link back to here and we will all be connected! All the cool kids are doing it… you should to : )


This Weeks Fresh Five Friday include:
1) Live Blissful – veggie with lots of yummt recipes
2) ModernGirlNutrition – Sunnie is only 15 but has totally immersed herself into healthy living, I’m a little jealous I didn’t start that young.
3) WellnessByTess – This girl can bake and work her butt off at the gym!
4) Butts n Guts – this is a double wammy with two AWESOME chicks
5) DavidValeFitness – David has a crazy transformation story and has been a supporting of my blog for a while, he has a ton of great recipes and I will actually be making a carrot recipe he posted today for dinner!

Q: Who are your Fresh 5?

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3 replies

  1. WE ARE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL EXCITED !!!! thankyou for the props!! We are very honored!

  2. I love your Fresh 5 Friday! It makes searching for good blogs so much easier.

    Because I love looking at all the wonderful looking food you post about and I’m impressed with your workout dedication 🙂 I nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award in my latest post.

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