Slow Run, TSO, More Noms

My run yesterday was less than pleasant. I got 5 – 5 1/2 hours of sleep after soccer and woke up exhausted. This run was the epitome of sleepy. My legs were dead weight, I didn’t get warm until mile 3, and I never broke a 9 min/mile. I finished it though and that is what counts. I ran over 5 miles because I took a detour to the boys house to let Sasha out and I was running a bit late (considering the run was taking so long) so I had to run right to the front door of the gym. I’m hoping that today’s run is a little bit better. One thing I have noticed is that every time I run now I feel like I’m narrating to myself the run and everything I see. “Oh I should put this in my blog post…”

Does that ever happen to you?

1weekDinner last night was quick because the boy and I had tickets to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. For this dinner I boiled the sausage until it looked semi cooked through, then I sliced it up and put it in a saute pan with a little EVOO and some garlic. In the pot of boiling water I added in some kale, once that looked cooked I added it to the pan with the sausage. Artichoke hearts, salt, and pepper also made their way into the pan to join the party. This took all of ten minutes and it was just to make sure the sausage was cooked through. I added a little Texas Pete Hot Sauce at the end to make it spicier – I got sweet Italian sausage this week, I definitely prefer the hot. I am going to start adding kale to my weekly grocery trips, I paid about a dollar for a giant bag of this stuff and I forgot how much I loved eat 2(12)The Trans-Siberian Orchestra – which I learned is called TSO for short – was playing at the Verizon Center in DC last night. We had been to the Verizon Center once before in a box for a basketball game but had never purchased our own tickets. In the interest of being thrifty we went for  best available at the lowest price point. Well that landed us in the LAST ROW of the HIGHEST seating section. I had a slight panic attack once I sat down and saw the decent from our seats. If you look at this picture all the way across the stadium we were that high up. There was no glass and I was convinced that if you tripped you would be crowd surfed to an early death. Needless to say, last night I learned I’m not a fan of super high seating in a crowded and hot stadium. I took my pulse using this app I have on my iPhone and was chillen at 64, which for me is way higher than I normally am, typically I am sub 50… PROOF that I was wigging out a just a little 3(9)There are only two pictures from the evening because RIGHT after taking this picture I dropped my cell phone. It landed underneath the seats in front of us so I had to wait until the end of the show to retrieve it. The people were nice enough to try and look for it but I told them to just let it be until the end, no need to ruin their time. The show was interesting. Due to the holidays they did a “Lost Christmas Eve” show and there was a story teller (pictured below) who told a really sad story with graphic detail about a couple falling in love, having a baby, the mom dying in child birth, the baby suffering brain trauma, the dad abandoning the child, and then finally reconnecting in the end. I was a little taken back by the whole thing but perhaps I was missing the meaning. Who knows. There was a lot of singing and not so much rocking until the second half, after the story had ended. I was shocked when I saw all the musicians because they look like a bunch of old school rockers with super long hair, oh and they were head banging the entire time. photo 4(8)The show ran from 7:30pm – 10:00pm, we were EXHAUSTED by the end of it. We had a lovely 20 minute wait for a train at the metro so we didn’t get home until after 11:00pm. Once Sasha was let out and played with I passed out hard. The good news though is that I woke up feeling far more alive than I did yesterday! For breakfast I did a repeat of the Sweet Tot Towers but used a little more sweet potato because there was about a 1/4 of a potato left and I was starving. Dinner last night was around 4:45pm so I could get over to the boys and hang a little before the show. AKA way too long for me to go with out food! Instead of using Franks I used Texas Pete Hot Sauce and the eggs were seasoned with Greek Seasoning. Yum!photo(5)

Q: Have you ever been to TSO? Have you heard this Lost Christmas Eve tale?
Q: Are you going to any holiday shows this year?

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  1. Sooooo jealous that you saw TSO!!!! I have heard they are amazing! And great job with the run! It’s really impressive that you’ve run 5 miles every day so far!!!

  2. That kale and sausage plate looks great!
    As an alternative to eating them separately: If you cut up the kale and sausage in to smaller pieces, you can crack a couple eggs over them, stir it all up, and combine the flavors and textures in a delightful frittata. I know the word itself is a little ambitious, but making it is really simple: Just combine a bunch of ingredients, and cook them inside some eggs. Once it’s done cooking, it’s ready to serve!

  3. I just love kale, one of my favorite noms. 🙂

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