PMB – dec 12

Thank you again Hollie for this lovely day of braggery. I missed this last week so it’s good to be back!

Physical Brag: I am running a lot this week. I managed a 5 mile run at noon, a 50 minute soccer game a 10:30 and then another 5 mile run at noon the next day. If that’s not pushing your body I don’t know what is. I felt like garbage towards the afternoon but I felt pretty awesome knowing I was still able to pull it off. My feet have lots of blisters, my legs have a ton of bruises, and my face is totally wind burned. BUT I did it!!

Mental Brag: I’m sure if this really fits into the category but I used my noggin so I think it does. I started and completed all my Christmas shopping this week. I love giving presents and was at a total loss of what to gift people this year. So I turned on the brain and nailed down what I was gifting my parents, little brother, and the manfriend. I then purchased and am patiently waiting for the packages to arrive. I did a pretty amazing job, if I do say so myself. I picked out some stuff that will blow their socks off. I also have this on going “game” at home where I like to compete with my brother for giving my parents the best presents. See the terrible thing about this is he is still in school and has zero dollars. So I pretty much win every year, I’m not sure if he even knows he is in competing, nonetheless, I win. Ho Ho Ho!

Brag: Does it count to brag about having the cutest furries in the world? Because I 1(12) photo 5(5) photo 2(13)

Don’t forget that tomorrow is another round of Fresh Five Friday. Get your lists together so you can share about all the new blogs you have found! Here is the pretty picture to use!Fresh5Friday

Q: What are your PMBs??

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9 replies

  1. Ahh I love your pets. They’re so cute. And that definitely counts as a mental brag, I love putting thought into what I give my family and friends, and get reallyyy excited when I come up with a great idea. Great job!

  2. I’m so jealous that you logged so many miles!! Good for you!

  3. wow! great runs!! and your pets are adorable!! Love the sleepy faces haha

  4. OMG Those furbaby pictures!!! Also, it totally does count as bragworthy that you’ve finished your shopping JEALOUS!

  5. I love that you compete with your brother. It sounds like something I’d do but I’m trying this new thing where I’m not a terrible person to him anymore (I was a total bi-otch for the first 15.5 years of his life…he’s 16 now) and I go halfsies with him. I should win an award or something for best sister

    • I asked my bro how it felt to be in my gifting shadow and he goes “cold and lonely” I told him he could put his name on the gift if he came up empty handed. We actually are quite close!!

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