Holiday Spirit and Earring Winners

Is it really Monday already?! This weekend flew by, between the holiday party, Santa 5k, and a puppy with sour belly we had our hands full this weekend. Saturday after puppy class we lounged around the house for a little bit and I made some baked chicken thigh quarters. I tried something new this time and removed all of the fat and skin prior to baking it. I typically cut off excess skin and fat but I really took the time to clean the thigh this time. It was well worth it, the chicken was still really moist and it was a heck of a lot less greasier. I decided to be nice and share so I just ate the drum stick with some salad. The dressing was EVOO and tarragon wine 1(8)After watching a bunch of Christmas movies and lounging for the afternoon it was time to get ready for our holiday party! A friend of mine let me use her tacky sweater and I think I did a pretty good job wearing it! Also my favorite way to accessorize for a holiday party? Ornament earrings! I bought a bunch of new hooks so that my ears were safe!photo 3(7) photo 2(8)  The party was a lot of fun! We didn’t stay super late because we needed to get back to Sasha. Little did we know we would be woken up at 4am and 6:30am to clean and sanitize her crate, blankets, and the floor leading to the front door because some one has an upset belly. I called my mom howling about how I never want children and she told me that kids wear diapers so they are better contained. Thanks 4(6)After not nearly enough sleep it was time to head out for our Run with Santa 5k in Reston. I am sad to say that it was raining, gross, and we were running late so I didn’t get any pictures of my outfit… 5(3)Proof that I ran. BUT I did wear the sock monkey onesy last year to our Christmas party so you are in luck! I have proof that the outfit does exist. I sliced the footie open and monkeys sat perfectly on top of my shoes. They soaked up a little water from the road and my shoes were a bit wet because of it but it was totally worth it. Felt is not breathable btw. photo(2)We got to the race really late and started a few minutes after the gun. The first mile was spent dodging a ton of people and trying to get some space. Mile 1 was a 9:55 mile, yucko. The boy stuck with me for the race and we both finished with a time of 27:43. Out of the 45 teams that competed we placed 4th. It’s a total bummer because I know that we could have easily gotten 2nd or 3rd had we only started in the front of the pack, gotten a good nights sleep, and didn’t go to a wine filled party the night before. It also helps that two of the boys on our team are freakishly fast runners. Baxter was out the night before until super late and still managed to pull off an insane time. Ian on the other hand is a running master and finished in 19th place. It doesn’t sound as awesome as I thought it would but the winner finished in 14 minutes and change. Ian still pulled out a 5:45 pace and I just think that’s crazy talk. Go team Sock Monkeys. The other two people on the team finished strong with a time of 34min. It was my friend Naomi’s first race and I am super proud of her for powering through! The rest of the day we spent on the couch lounging and watching Christmas movies. We were in desperate need of sleep and R&R.

Team – The Sock Monkeys Finish Position – 4

Team Score (times): 1:31:53.8

Place Bib No Name      City           Gend   Place   Time     Cum. Time
  1   1934   Ian       Arlington  VI     M      19   17:50.4    17:50.4
  2   2256   Baxter    Arlington  VA     M      32   18:36.1    36:26.6
  3   1020   Megan     Arlington  VA     F     429   27:43.3  1:04:10.0
  4   1168   Brennan   Arlington  VA     M     431   27:43.7  1:31:53.8

Moving on – I have decided to make a mini goal for myself this week. I want to run 5 miles every day, including the weekend. There will be puppy class Saturday morning and another Holiday party Saturday night. Neither of which should keep me from getting out there for the miles.

Earring Giveaway Winners:
Please email me at with the address you would like me to send them to!
Bright Yellow: Holly @ HollieisFueledByLOLZ
Purple: Dana Rodriguez
Hot Pink: Sarah @ pickyrunner
Ivory: Alisa @ PaleoInPDX
Light Pink: Nikki @ LifeAfterSwimming
Blue: Nicole @ FoodieLovesFitness
Congrats Ladies!

Q: Do you ever set mini goals?
Q: How was your weekend?

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12 replies

  1. Ahhh! The onesies are so cute!! You are such a pretty girl!

  2. Awesome Xmas get up, I just got all of my tacky Xmas clothing, love the onesie….

  3. YAYYY so exciting 🙂 Love the onesies! Emailing you right now! 🙂

  4. Aw, thank youuu!!! I love the onesie… my roommate wears hers all the time! Have a great day ❤

  5. schmellow yellow! YESS!

    Just so you know, I really enjoy the onezie outfit. It actually made my morning.

  6. What?! I came here for the photos!!!

  7. I am loving that sweater!
    Looks like a fun race with your friends! And your recovery is right up my alley!

  8. I think you guys did great! Although I know exactly what you mean…wine parties the night before a 5k are not a good idea (I did the exact same thing) haha! Oh well, tis the season, you’ll get ’em next time 🙂


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