Two Lunch Kind of Day

Say whatttt. That’s right, I had two lunches today. I woke up earlier than normal and ate breakfast around 6:15am. I slipped out of the office to play with Sasha for a few minutes and by the time I got back at oh 10:30am I wanted lunch. So I ate my salad. I was pretty low on my supply of chicken so it was less than filling. The boy emailed me saying he was hungry too and the idea to go to 5 Guys was born. I got a burger, no bun, with lots of vegetables. I may or may not have eaten some of his cajun fries… they were soooo good. I have never been to 5 guys before believe it or not! The burger was amazing. The funny thing is though I’m still just kinda meh. You would think I would be stuffed! I forgot how much more you eat when you are running. Oye. Well photo dump time.

photo 1(7)

hanging out with jax watching tv last night – note the built in vhs player

photo 2(7)

she got sick of me and cuddled up / into a bag (typical)

photo 3(6)

i’m so happy you are here!!

photo 4(5)

they call me roger rabbit

photo 5(2)

lunch numero dos

Seeing as I downed two lunches and I’m not working out today, sigh, and I am going to the movies this evening (the boy and I live there), I think my dinner will be skipped in lieu of some popcorn. The healthiest decision? No. I am running in the morning and going to yoga on Saturday and have a 5k on Sunday. I guess I don’t feel too bad. What do people say now “Sorry I’m not sorry”? Not sure if I used that right. I run to eat people, I run to eat : ) I am actually super sore still today from the runs / lift I did this week, hopefully is subsides a bit for yoga tomorrow. Being sore in yoga it the worst in my opinion.

Q: Have you thrown your hat in the rink yet to win some free earrings from yours truly? What are you waiting for!
Q: Do you ever have dual lunch days?

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10 replies

  1. Hey, sometimes you need two lunches! And popcorn is a totally acceptable dinner on a friday night 😉

  2. Today was a two breakfast day for me…looks like we are on the same wavelength!

  3. LOL, I just had a huge lunch so now am kind of waddiling around. This is going to make for an interesting workout later.

  4. I don’t call them dual lunch days, I just call them “days I don’t stop eating.” HA! I run to eat too..and when I am famished, I go with it!!! I love to eat!! I also love that picture of Roger Rabit, so cute.

  5. I’ve never tried 5 guys either..but I’ve been wanting to ever since they opened a couple up north. Looks delicious. And your animals are so cute! Love cat and dog pics. Sounds like you have a great weekend lined up, hope it’s a good one!

  6. Oh my gosh…those animals!!! I have such a weak spot for animals haha. I love the movies, too. I am tempted to go by myself half of the time because no one else will go with me when I’m alone at school!

  7. There is nothing wrong with two lunches and that burger looks amazing!

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