20min Circuit & Impromptu Dinner Date

Good Morning! Gosh I am sore today!! I mentioned yesterday that my Garmin is missing and I still have yet to find it, I haven’t looked in my room yet though. I’m a pretty horrible looker so I will need to get another set of eyes in there to help me hunt. Yesterday the boy was kind enough to let me swipe his Nike running watch at the end of his work out before he ran home to let Sasha out. I wanted to surprise him so after he gave me the watch I sprinted the long way (about a mile) to his house to help with Sasha (7:10 mile!). We ran back to work together and split off so I could go finish my work out. It felt like forever since I had lifted! Looking at DailyMile it appears that I lifted last Wednesday but that was a heavy weight thing not a circuit. I was actually thinking about a few bloggers who have commented on posts before saying that they hate doing sit ups and get super bored. If memory serves correctly Hollie is one of these people. So this one is for you! All of the exercises make you keep your core super tight and I am hurting today so I am going to say this was a great success all around. I twisted my ankle at some point in the locker room, smooth I know, which caused me to miss out on our first indoor soccer game last night. I iced last night and feel 100% better today. I am planning on running over lunch and praying for the best!20minutesLunch was a huge salad. Lots of mixed greens, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, chicken, and a whole avocado. I normally I just do half but I didn’t have any baggies or saran wrap to save the other half in. So I ate it! I used a homemade balsamic that was EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and some sea salt! I ate half a mango for dessert. I ran into the same problem as the avocado but I was stuffed and couldn’t finish the mango.IMG_3779[1]For dinner the boy and I went to this amazingggg Lebanese Restaurant called Me Jana. We both got the mixed grill which included a chicken, lamb, and kafta kabob. It was all SO delicious. I have never been a huge fan of rice but the rice at this restaurant is to die for. I only made it through half of the dinner, I saved the rest for lunch today!! I feel kinda weird eating rice 2x but oh well, it was pricey and it’s delicious. I’ll run a little farther today. (clearly don’t feel that bad…)IMG_3781[1]

Q: Have you ever tried a Lebanese restaurant? Most also have a killer veggie menu!
Q: Tell me about your work out plans today.

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7 replies

  1. I seriously mix balsamic and EVOO on the daily. It’s so simple and totally perfect to get in healthy fats 🙂

  2. Oh girl, I hope you are able to find your Garmin. That is slightly obnoxious. I have never tried Lebonese but it actually looks really good.

    • My movado is missing too, bad weekend for watches. I remember packing both bc they are both super important. The cats probably hid them… At least I’m going to keep telling myself that until I find them

  3. I hope you find your garmin!! I’m always misplacing mine and when I do find it, it’s out of batteries. So it doesn’t end up doing much good for me haha

  4. I have never tried Lebanese food but judging from your photos I think i have to give it a shot!

  5. Ohh man I want to go to a Lebanese restaurant!! Never been, but I am sure they have a rockin veggies option! Holy fast sprint yahoo!! Today my plan is to run 5miles..which is the longest I have run in weeks. So sad. HA!

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