Foodie Penpal Reveal

This was my first month of Foodie Penpal and boy was it fun! Carina from Keepin It Real sent me a little mini survey once she found out I was Paleo. She asked a ton of great questions and in return I got a great box!IMG_3581[1]Wildtree is a spice shop by where she lives and I love the products! The tall skinny one is seafood seasoning which is yummy and the second is a dill dip mix. I won’t be adding sour cream to it any time soon to make dip but it is delicious on veggies!! I used it earlier this week on some zucchini and mushrooms! The recipe for potato and cauliflower curry she sent also looks ahhhmazing. I will be subbing in sweet potatoes but I will make sure to report back when I do. I bet if you click the picture it will enlarge and you can steal the recipe too. Carina also asked me if I was more of a tea or a coffee person and gave me such a cool assortment of teas!! Thank you so much Carina!FPP-post

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  1. I need to get on the pen pal bandwagon! It looks so fun!

  2. I really want to join in on the fun! I feel like it’s such a great way to try new foods while meeting new people 🙂

  3. Love all the teas. If only I was a big tea drinker LOL.

  4. Thank you so much! It was fun being Pals with you! I sprinkled the Dill “Dip” on Salmon & it was excellent! Enjoy!

  5. Eggnog tea? Sounds intriguing, though I’m not the biggest tea fan!

  6. That is super fun! What made you decide to join?

  7. Ohh spices yum!! I love the unique items from other areas!


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