The Running Bug

Yesterday was awesomeeeee!!! I went out saying 6 mile minimum but shooting for 8. Yours truly ran 8 miles! I could have kept going but the “sun” set rather quickly yesterday and the temperature dropped drastically. I went out in 3/4 length leggings, a tank top, short sleeve, windbreaker, and gloves. The gloves came off at about mile 3.5 and my hands were completely fine until around mile 7 when they got super cold, but of course the gloves were inside out in my pockets and I didn’t want to stop to fiddle. I was listening to Pandora on the run and chose Shinedown as the band to shape the station. It was perfect music, kinda rock, kinda loud, kind perfect. I have noticed that the more rock centered stations work best for longer runs. For the Zooma Annapolis half marathon I set the station to “Black Betty – Ram Jams” what a station. If you are one of the lucky U S of A ers and get Pandora, give that station a whirl.

I set out on my run shortly after 4pm and returned back to the gym a little after 5pm. NEVER again will I be at the gym at 5pm. It is a mad house. I had initially considered working out after the run but when I got back to the gym and had to fight for mat space just to stretch I skidaddled rather quickly. I was also feeling a little bit shaky because I didn’t eat enough to prep myself for that long of a run. I went home, used my own glorious shower and set out to make dinner. I’ve mentioned this before but when you cook and grocery shop for one, your dinners are bound to be similar for a week. Last nights dinner was very similiar to the night before with its ingredients list, but the flavor profile was different. I sliced up 1/4 of a red onion, 4 white mushrooms, and the remained 1/2 of zucchini from last night. In a pan over medium I added the vegetables with a little EVOO, salt, pepper, and minced garlic. While everyone started cooking I sliced up the raw Logan’s Hot Italian Sausage into small chunks. I added them to the pan and cooked the meat through. If you don’t like spicy I tried the Sweet Italian Sausage a day or two ago and it is really good also.I was still feeling a little wonky after dinner and I mentally ball parked what I had eaten and realized it wasn’t enough, I munched on some chips and salsa (not Paleo I know) and felt 10x better and called it a night. I mixed things up a little with breakfast this morning! One of my avocados was finally rip enough to eat so I scooped half of it onto my plate, added three eggs, some green onions, and washed it down with some coffee and almond milk. I don’t keep tea at my bfs house for some reason so I have been drinking coffee the last few days in the morning, when its half almond milk and half coffee I really don’t mind it. When I was visiting the parentals over Thanksgiving I also tried coffee with honey, pretty stinking awesome.Since I started running again I haven’t been able to work out with the boy over lunch very often. He is way better at slinging heavy objects than I am and he pushes me to lift heavier things than I would do if I was working out alone. I’m taking today off of running and am going to lift with him over lunch. My max so far for dumbbell chest press is 40lbs in each hand. He said we are doing 50lbs today, oye vey!! Ideally I turn green and into the hulk and wow him, but we shall see! Have I mentioned that we work in the same building? Pretty funny really, we work for two totally different companies  consulting with different government branches. Four companies later and we are 3 floors apart. Super handy if you ask me. I have a tendency of forgetting my wallet and if I’m dying and need to go buy nuts or an apple I just happen to have my better half a phone call and a dollar bill away!

Q: Do you get a better weights work out in when you are solo or with a counterpart to push you?
Q: What is your favorite music to listen to running?

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9 replies

  1. Gym at the dinner time/ after work time is honestly the worst! You can barely move let alone get a machine or weights or anything!

    Great job on the run, though!!!!!

  2. Congrats! I’m still mostly an indoor runner but I’ve been increasing my speed incrementally so I’m “going further” each week!

  3. Great run!! I actually don’t listen to music when I run… I know, I’m a little strange, but I like just paying attention to what’s going on around me.

  4. ZOOMA half 😉 I don’t actually like to workout with people. I’ll occasionally run with others but I’m very picky about who I like to run with. Also, my favorite music is grimey rap and I have no problems with that LOL.

  5. The food in this post looks amazing! I think I’m going to try the sausage and veggies for dinner this week! I love to run to classic rock; especially Def Leppard, Led Zepplin, etc. When I’m not working on pace I let myself run to the beat of the music. But my all time favorite song to run to is “Eye of the Tiger.” I’ve been known to head bang to the music as I run 🙂

  6. Dinner looks yummy! I’m going to have to try coffee with honey…I already love I with a splash of coconut almond milk and coconut extract but I’ll give it a whirl! Congrats on the run…I used to run so much in high school and now it’s just not my favorite. In regards to your questions; I love Tyga radio on pandora when I lift and I prefer working out by myself unless it’s a cardio class. Lift alone, cardio need competition. I’m that bitch in class that finds the one person going 100% and I go harder. Kinda like the person on The Price is Right that bids one dollar more than you. Lol

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