Twas a Little Ambitious

I said I wanted to get a good run in tomorrow morning because I was leaving work at noonish to head to upstate NY. We will see about that… I managed to do the mile in 7:50, 20 rounds in 20 minutes, and then finished out with 2:10 (500m) on the rowing machine. I set the timer on my phone to 20 minutes and went to work. When I was finishing up round 14 in the squat section I checked my timer because “this just has to be overrrr” 6 minutes and change left. SERIOUSLY?!? So I kept going. I was down to 45 seconds at the end of round 19 and decided to go for it for the big 2 0. I hauled and did it. I burned. Ohh sweet sweet burning. My squats were so speedy, I am quite positive I looked ridiculous. To make matters worse better I was in the small crossfit room of my gym and a trainer was in there with some other guy. So they were watching me go up down up down up down for at least 15 minutes. I was oozing sex appeal in my mini mouse t-shirt and hardly sweating at all. Good thing I’m not man hunting.
I’m sure right now you are wondering what the title of this post means, don’t worry I won’t keep you guessing any longer. Doing a little quick math I did 300 squats today. It didn’t seem so horrible because they were in sets of 15 but no one can do 300 squats with out feeling it a little bit in the morning. I’ll be feeling it a lot a bit. Frankly my legs are a little wobbly right now. A run is feeling ambitious right now. I’m going to do all my packing tonight and get to bed early so all I have to do in the morning is get myself out the door to work. That way – no room for excuses. I even have all the proper running gear for tomorrow AND it is clean. I have NO EXCUSE not to run. So I will run. It may be slow but I’m okay with that. It will be 1 million times better running here than 6 hours north for the rest of the week, yuck.

Q: Do you prefer hot weather running or cold weather running? Don’t say I prefer mid 50s to 60s because we all do : )
Q: What do you wear when its chilly? I always feel like the fat kid from A Christmas Story when I run during winter, my style needs some help.
Q: Do this work out and tell me how many rounds you demolish!

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  1. I really prefer running when when it’s warm outside. If it’s cold I don’t tend to loosen up enough and I injure myself. You don’t want to know how many layers I have to wear outside in the winter, and I’m from New England lol

  2. I think I prefer cold, but not FREEZING. I’m ok with lots of layers but ice and snow — heck no!

  3. That is unbelivable! I am so impressed with those 300 squats. Way to go! I did like 50 this morning and I was tired : ) Have a good trip up north and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. I prefer cooler but not freezing running weather! Basically fall is perfect!


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