The $2.99 Diet

I mentioned yesterday that I was going home tomorrow so I was hoping to live off of left over turkey. Well folks, the turkey was not enough, not even close! The turkey served as lunch yesterday and will serve as lunch today. The rest of my meals? Left over veggies either sautéed or turned into soup and eggs. Glorious eggs. An 18 pack of egg costs just shy of $3 around here and will be the bulk of my protein intake until I leave. For example, dinner last night, 2 eggs, mirepoux “gravy” that is more like soup so I ate it as such, and some sautéed zucchini and portabella mushrooms. I started eating the veggies pre picture, they were so yummy! They were just sautéed with salt, pepper, and a little bit of garlic. Nothing fancy, totally delicious though!

Breakfast? Bring on the eggs. 3 eggs with some almond milk, green onions, and salsa!As you can see it is a lot of eggs. I have only three left so I will dine on veggies galore tonight for dinner, eggs for breakfast, and more vegetable soup tomorrow for lunch. By the time I get to my parents I know I will be starving so its a good thing papa bear is making a feast for me!

On another topic – I also mentioned yesterday I wanted today’s work out to be a tough one. I typically stick to running outside and lifting in my parents basement when I visit but sometimes I just want to relax. Which means I need to make sure I do plenty prior to going so that if I decide to go for a walk with my mom instead of pump iron I won’t feel too guilty. I have added this to the 30 Minute Circuit page as well.I’ll post this afternoon with how many rounds I manage to do. This is a good one to come back to in a month or two to check progress. I hope every one has an awesome day! I am so excited to get home tonight, organized, and pack all my dirty clothes for my lovely mother to wash while I’m visiting them : )

Q: For any of my yoga friends out there, I would like to do yoga this weekend while I am home, any suggestions on good (free) sites that would talk me through an hour-long yoga session?
Q: What do you find is the easiest work out for you to do when you are not at home and away from your gym?

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  1. Your breakfast looks 20 times better than mine right now!

  2. Ha, love that you are living on eggs and veggies until you go home! I did the same thing, trying to clear out my fridge and not buy anything knew before I left. Needless to say I will be ravaging the pantry once I get home! Hoe you have a wonderful time with your family 🙂

    • Thank you, you too!! Every one in my office has noticed that my meals are looking silly and are like um Megan, you have a real job and wage why are you eating eggs. I like to pretend my broke sometimes though! My savings account always thanks me!

  3. Megan, I’m the same way when I visit my parents’ house. They live in the wooded suburbs versus the cramped city, so I love to go on long runs around their forest preserves and golf courses. They also have a weight set in the basement, so if I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll do some arm work but typically, I just stick to running.

    As for yoga, I don’t have a link but I’ve found that I just like to do a really intense stretching session rather than bothering with the specific yoga movements when I’m on my own. Hope that helps!

    • There is something so peaceful about being at your parents isn’t there?! Its normally nicer then where you live, quiter, and the kitchen cleans itself (aka mom). I may give that a go. I do yoga every week so I think I could probably work through some moves and get a good stretch in. Thanks!

  4. Check YogaGlo. Not sure if it’s free or not but there’s some great instructors — check out Tiffany Cruikshank and Kathryn Budig’s classes!

  5. That 30 minute circuit sounds intense but awesome!!!

  6. I like to do the Insanity workouts. I have all the videos on my computer, so I take them with me wherever I go. The videos are about 40 minutes long and get me really, really worn out. Yeah, it’s not actually an “easy” workout, but it’s quick.

    • I have never tried any of the Insanity of P90x work outs, not that I don’t want to but I’m way to cheap to pay for dvds! You should check out if you are ever looking for something new when you are on the road. Those work outs are nuts!!!

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