Last Week Tally

About a month ago I started using DailyMileagain to start tracking my work outs. I have found that being held accountable both through this here blog and my DailyMile account helps me out big time with getting my butt to the gym. I am happy to say that between Monday and Saturday I biked, rowed, ran, hiked, & lifted my way to 26 miles in just over 6 1/2 hours. I used Sunday as a rest day and for puppy loving!

Please Megan,

I’m exhausted just listening to you.












My work out plan for the week includes a really good lunchtime lift tomorrow and an early morning Wednesday run. I am leaving around noon on Wednesday for good old Conesus Lake and can’t wait to see some beautiful sunrises and hang out, bundled up of course, on the porch! And lets not forget that my parents are obviously slightly more established than I am so their kitchen is to die for in comparison to mine, and in my opinion any kitchen for that matter!







Drool worthy isn’t it? I love going home because my dad and I are the same people. We could live in the kitchen as long as there is some scotch or wine around. Maybe not the healthiest thing in the world… But that is why I move 6 days a week and he is up 6 days a week on the elliptical (knee issues so no running) and pumping iron. I think we both do this for our love of food and because we want to live forever so we can continue cooking. A good thing for all you readers out there is that when I’m home I take full advantage of the kitchen and there will be oodles of pictures and recipes. Some older ones from past visits include Peanut Butter Cookies, Bird’s Nest, and Whole Wheat Pancakes. Seeing as I’m all Paleoish as of late the recipes will vary a little bit 🙂 Plus it’s turkey day!!!

Q: What are your plans for thanksgiving?!
Q: What is your all time favorite recipe from growing up that your parents used to make you?

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7 replies

  1. Can’t wait to hear about your time at home 🙂 It sounds amazing, especially the pancakes part! Thats what I’m looking forward to with my dad. Also, can I please just move into your parents house? I want their kitchen!!

  2. I am honored to be mentioned in you blog.
    P.S. It’s bourbon not scotch.

  3. Umm, that is the cutest puppy ever!

  4. YOUR PUPPY. PHEW she is a cutie. Your parents’ house looks gorgeous. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


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