“Over Salted”

Cooking while being a tad sleepy can be dangerous. You can burn yourself on a hot pan, perhaps gets some grease splatter, or spill boiling water. OR you can ruin 1/3 of your pre bike ride and yoga fuel by opening the wrong side of the seasoning shaker.Proof that some one who cooks the same thing for breakfast, just about every morning, can royally screw it up. Ugh. I chucked the demolished egg and finished cooking the other two. I’m off to bare the cold on my bike. Have a wonderful Saturday every one!!

Q: What is your biggest cooking disaster?
I also once had the lid on a sea salt container pop off and ended up with a MOUND of salt in my salad, that went to the garbage!

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  1. Oh crap … that’s such bummer, isn’t it? I’ve had a similar thing happen to me before and I did my best to salvage it. Actually, yesterday I tested a dessert recipe that came out way too bitter due to the baking soda (I should’ve added vinegar or not added b.s.). It was fresh cranberries, delicious (and expensive) local hazelnuts, 1 stick of grass-fed butter, and other quality ingredients. I tasted some of it, but 98% went in the compost 😦 Sad. By the way, were you able to scrape enough of the seasoning off to still your eggs?

  2. *to still eat your eggs. Pardon me!

  3. I hate when I oversalt things! One time I was supposed to put 1/4 teaspoon in brownies and I read it wrong and put 1/4 cup…Needless to say they didn’t turn out very well…

  4. I was once a cook for a certain restaurant that produces many pies during the Thanksgiving season. Messing up one of these mass-produce recipes was my largest disaster. I was in awe that they were not thrown out…

  5. One time I melted a copper bottom pan to my mom’s flat-top electric stove… oops 😉

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