30 Minute Work Out – Core & Upper Bod

Today was one of those days that happy hour the night before really sapped me of energy during the day. I was busy so before I knew it it was gym time. I went down to the gym and realized that I didn’t have my work out pants. My first thought was to skip and head upstairs and finish the day out. I have NO desire to hit the gym. BUT instead I went to my car and found that the pants had just fallen out of my bag and were indeed in the trunk, back to the gym. Once my work out was over I was glad I did it but my enthusiasm for moving around was at about a zero. Good thing its impossible to get a good work out in and think “gosh, I wish I hadn’t done that”. Pat on the back to this one. Today’s work out from start to finish took 32 minutes. I also had to think a little to decided was to do so I think this can 100% get finished in under 30 minutes!If you are unfamiliar with what a wood chop is it looks a little something like this:

Since I was low energy I decided to do only 10 reps for everything but use a higher weight than I normally would. So if you normally would do 20lbs for a chest press try out 30lbs. I ended up using 30lb dumbbells for the chest press, 15lbs for the drop down (bad shoulders, can’t go crazy with that weight), 20lbs for the wood chops, 30lbs pull down, and 10lbs for the arm raises (again bad shoulders!). My arms were really sore and I was a sweaty mess so job well done.

After the work out I continued to eat more soup. No great cooking adventures from me this week really. I am cooking my first Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday so be prepared for some great food early next week. Once 3pm hit I bolted out of the office. A certain matinee priced movie was calling my name. I am not typically one to get all hot and bothered over vampires but for some reason I love this chain of movies. I think I may just be waiting to see actual emotions out of Kristen Stewart, I’m not sure. Whatever it is I can’t stop myself from watching these movies. Last year when the movie came out I was visiting my parents and after dinner left and went and saw the movie alone. Yes, alllll alone. Well I had to keep the tradition alive, and lets be honest, none of my friends wanted to see the movie either. So I went, had a blast, got a little choked up, had a giggle, and now I’m happy as a clam. The acting was a bit better than the last ones but all in all I am just hooked on the story, no crushes or Team Jacob vs Team Edward. Hope every one has a great weekend!!

Q: Do you have any silly movie obsessions?
Q: Have you ever been to the movies alone? Would you ever do it?

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  1. I am glad you marched back there and your workout in. It def says a lot. Regardless you have the commitment. I live in a new area by myself and have been to the movies alone…honestly it’s not really even a big deal because you are just sitting in the dark anyways LOL

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