Early WOD and Friday Ideas

Nothing new and exciting has happened since last night. My evening was wonderful and the few glasses of vino helped me sleep like a baby, making up for the pathetic nights sleep I had two nights ago. Breakfast was the same as the last two days : ) I did finally finish the flax bread so tomorrows breakfast should be different!!

Today is one of my favorite bosses last day on our contract so we have a big team lunch that I need to attend. I honestly really do not like going out to lunch because A) it costs money when I have perfectly good food I’ve already paid for waiting to be ate and B) 9 times out of 10 it is not going to be as healthy or filling as if I ate my own lunch. Boo hiss. Since I have been doing so fabulously this week with eating and running the scale has already scooted down 6lbs in the last week! No this isn’t some crazy weight loss it’s that “oh wow I’m not bloated any more and my body is doing its thing” my weight jumped up for a week or two so it’s just working its way back to where it should be, no earth shattering plateaus have been broken. Just getting back to normal! Granted I would love to lose weight for reals at that rate but let’s be serious, that not healthy or practical.

Since this little work lunch soiree its eating up my gym time I decided to go way early today (oh yea 10:30am work out) since I am not super busy at the moment. I don’t want to take up a full hour because its smack dab in the middle of the morning so today’s work out is going to be quick, dirty, and painful. I will update this post with how long it actually takes but my guess for the whole thing is going to be about 20 minutes.

Warm up with a run or row – I am going to do a 1000m row (takes me around 4 – 5 minutes)Keep the pace quick and try to get through this as fast as you can. I am not going to use weight because of the sheer number reps. If you are feeling extra awesome by all means throw some on. *Update – it took me 9:20 to finish the circuit.

Friday Idea: As bloggers we all love getting new followers, seeing our stats go up, and feeling all around popular. If you are thinking to yourself “psh she is wrong” then you are lying to yourself : ) I love finding new blogs because half the fun of blogging is A) Thinking people like to hear me talk daily and B) Reading other people talk about their daily musings and feeling connected to a bunch of people you feel like you are really getting to know. SO the idea – Fresh 5 Fridays: In addition to whatever you may post on Friday add at the top or bottom of the post a graphic (I will make this tonight / tomorrow and share it in my first Fresh 5 Friday post) and links to 5 blogs that you have recently found and that you really like from the week. If you haven’t found 5 new ones then by all means add in an old favorite! The idea is that if some one is like oh hey Susie Q of blog XYZ is my fav and Oh Emmm Geee there are some of her favs! That this fictitious someone will find some new blogs and round and round we go. I’m brilliant right? You can thank me later  : P

Q: Thoughts on Fresh 5 Fridays?
Q: Do you get cranky when some one messes with your work out / noms schedule – especially mid-day?

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8 replies

  1. I really like the idea of Friday 5!! I think it’s a great way to find other bloggers and meet even more people in the blogosphere 🙂
    Congrats on feeling really good about yourself and where your body is at this week. It’s always tough after having a rough couple of weeks and I completely relate to being proud of where you’re at!

  2. I love your Friday idea..YESSUUHH!!


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