My Not So Paleo Weekend

I was one of the lucky ones who had a three-day weekend this past weekend (thank you government). My weekend was full of moving around but not very Paleo eating habits. Sat I got a 4.2 mile run in and an hour-long yoga class. Yoga was awesome this weekend, my teacher was super high energy and we were sweating!! I have also found that when I run to yoga I’m warmed up, more flexible, and able to get more out of class. I took Sunday off from running but did get in a 2+ mile walk. I’m really happy with work outs last week, I started using dailymile again and I moved a cumulative 26 miles and clocked 8 hours of running, lifting, soccer, and other activities. Not too shabby! I took advantage of having Monday off and went hiking for the day and also had a soccer game. Lots of movement! Here is some quick food porn of the non Paleo eats I ended up with… then we can have a quick chat about flourescent lights in changing rooms.From top to bottom: 1) Chicken wing sauce demo class, my two favorites were the two shown in this picture, buffalo bleu cheese and peach bourbon. I typically hate bleu cheese but I sucked it up and tried these wings and holy heck were they amazing. 2) Jumbo slice, I place it next to my clutch for a size comparison, note that it takes two paper plates to move this baby, I did split it though! 3) Beef Souvlaki pita, tried a new Mediterranean place that was awesome and got some pitas!

After all this food to say I was feeling slightly lethargic is an understatement. I went grocery shopping and picked up a few veggies and made a massive pot of vegetable and shredded chicken soup to live off of for lunches / possibly dinner for the week. A little re-set to the system if you will. With the holidays coming up I need to quit these horrendous weekend eating habits. I have proposed a few side dishes for my dad to make for Thanksgiving dinner that are all Paleo friendly and he is being a good sport about it : )

Flourescent Lights: I went to Old Navy on Sunday to try on some work out gear because I had a buy one get one 75% off coupon (amazing right) and I really like the Active line at the store. Well going into this dressing room and the mirror and the lights, oye. I had quite the moment that ruined a few hours of my day. I know I am not fat by any means but those lights!??! Has this ever happened to you? I mean I just went on a strenuous hike I had been super active all week and it took 5 minutes in that dressing room for my confidence to plummet. WHYYYY.

Q: Do changing rooms ever crush your soul a little too?
Q: What do you do when you have one of these moments?!

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  1. So jealous of your three day weekend. I could have used that…actually that is the lazy in my talking because I have a three day work week this week. I don’t like trying clothes on at all so I make it to the dressing room like once every month or so…never do I have a good experience with that either. Boo-sorry it was a crushing time but I do agree about the Old Navy active line. Love it.

  2. Hehehe I remember those weekends when i was eating primal…it is hard not to…akrasia is a bitch!

  3. 1) that pizza looks amazing and I need it right now.
    2) I love old navy’s workout clothes. They’re seriously the best! And so cheap 🙂
    Have a good day!!

    • 1) It was pretty good, I felt wildly bloated after though! 2) They really are awesome, pretty much all my new runnign gear over the last year has been from them! Plus there are always sales!!

      You too!!

  4. omg I swear it depends on the store and their brand of mirrors! haha sometimes I feel like a rockstar and sometimes I feel like I need a detox. Usually it motivates me to go home, eat a healthy dinner, and get up and run the next day. Which is a good thing whether it is the mirrors fault or mine 🙂 However there are also times when that happens and I do the stereotypical girl crash and consume heavy amounts of chocolate and wine. Either way, the next day you just have to pick up, move on, and do the best you can 🙂

    • Yes! I have been on a total energy / runner / whatevs high since then so FU florescent lights. I’ll wear my shades in the dressing room next time so my fading tan doesn’t scare me as much.


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