PMB – Week 1

I decided to hop on Hollie’s happy train and join the PMB revolution. In her words “If you don’t love yourself (and aren’t proud of your accomplishments) how can you love and be proud of others?” Pretty awesome right? Bandwagons are cool depending on what they are and I vote this is a cool one. Join the party.

Physical Brag: This week I have really been loving my hair. I woke up early Wednesday for a Skype date with the bff in Australia and showered and straightened my hair and felt super pretty all day. Also I shower and blow dry my hair every day at lunch (barf) and my hair has been super cooperative this week, no craziness, fly aways, static, nothing. I mean look at these locks!!!

Mental Brag: I broke through the eating habit change wall. Does that make sense? So when I switched up to mainly Paleo I would still want something else because I wasn’t “allowed” to have it. I never even gave myself strict rules either. I am totally happy with on date nights indulging in cheese platters as an app and then sticking to my eating plan for dinner. I’m all about moderation. This week though I have gone the whole week without any bad habits! I got a big jar of cashews at my desk for if I need a little extra crunch in my life and that is all. Heck I was offered cookies every day at work already and was like nope no thank you. (Also I knew I would be baking cookies today!! EEEEk!!!)

Brag: I’m starting to feel like a runner again. This week I ran Monday / Wednesday and I had soccer Tuesday and have another game today. We never have any lady subs so I am in for the full 90 minutes. I’m really excited to finish the week out strong with a run tomorrow and then unwind with yoga on the weekend. I think we are even getting a hike in over the long weekend! I’m so happy to be moving miles again and couldn’t be more excited. Plus I decided yesterday that I’m going to run the Rock n’ Roll half marathon in the spring and possibly another half marathon out in VA wine country with my roommate! If that doesn’t scream runner I don’t know what does.

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  1. Love this post and thank you for jumping on the wagon! The more the merrier! Good for you with the moderation, that is such a key and it will make you happier and stronger. Are you from the VA area and I missed that? You should do the Shamrock marathon instead of RnR 😉

  2. omg I love when my hair seems to just work haha

    and I’m impressed!! No bad habits is awesome! I know my sweet tooth was in full blast last week haha

  3. I really like this PMB concept and have been seeing it on more and more blogs. Glad to see something that gives us more excuses to say why we are amazing! I did a little hair bragging today myself on Instagram haha

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