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I can’t really take credit for coming up with today’s work out. I wasn’t feeling super gungho about anything work out wise today so I sat back and let the boy tell me what I needed to do. He got this work out from the site CrossFit Football which is another crossfit WOD site. Its a lot more strength focused than the TravelingWOD site, I still prefer latter : ). It worked though, I had another case of the ‘jello arms‘ and surprised myself with how beastly I can be throwing around heavy weights. With out further ado here is the work out.

1) Dumbbell Bench Press
3 sets of 5
Start with 65% of your max and go up to 85%, 1 min rest in between sets
2) Dips
4 sets of 10
1 min rest between sets
3) Chin Ups
4 sets of 10
1 min rest between sets
4) Wall Balls
3 sets of 10
30 sec rest between sets
5) Abs
100 sit ups
As fast as you can, whatever way you want

Since you are obviously all curious how much weight I was slinging around… 1) 40lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs (HOLY SHNITZELLL), 2) assisted machine 40lbs, 3) using pull up band, 4) 12lb ball, and 5) 1:28.

And in other news: This is going to be a small little blurb about my thoughts on brown bagging it vs going out to lunch. The boy accidentally forgot his lunch so I went to sit with him at Boston Market so he could eat. He eats very healthy most of the time, works out 5-6 days a week, and is also blessed with a crazy fast metabolizing, rough life?! Well watching the people in front of us loading up on meatloaf, creamed spinach, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes for lunch got me wondering about the nutritional content of these hefty meals. So lets build a meal, all information is courtesy of the Boston Market website. I found this image in a google image search, it is not my own.

Rotisserie Chicken – Half Chicken: 640 cal / 33g fat / 1380mg sodium / 84g protein
BBQ Baked Beans: 270 cal / 5g fat / 540mg sodium / 8g protein
Creamed Spinach: 260 cal / 21g fat /530mg sodium / 9g protein
Corn Bread: 160 cal / 3g fat / 330mg sodium / 2g protein

So the total is… 1,330 cal / 62g fat / 2,780mg sodium / 103g protein – for one meal!!! That is insane. Now lets play the game where we do the nutritional info for the lunch I brought in today!

5 oz Steak salad with mixed greens, celery, bell peppers, and olive oil / soy sauce dressing: 429 cal / 30g fat / 692mg sodium / 31g protein

21g of fat comes from 1.5 tbl of olive oil and that’s the good stuff!!


So as you can see there is a huge difference!! And if you eat out 5x a week that is an extra 4,500 calories a week. Craziness. Okay so the point of this rant. Pack your lunch!!!! There are so many other options besides salad for lunches too. I happen to have a ton of steaks left over from the London Broil I did on Sunday so I have been doing salads this week rotating with stew! If you are putting in hours / even 5 minutes at the gym you owe it to yourself to do this little simple thing and just bring your lunch to work. Even if I can convince you to pack one more day a week than you do now I feel like I have accomplished something.

And I release the podium.

Q: What are your favorite meals to pack for lunch?

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4 replies

  1. That looks like a super challenging workout. My trainer pulled out the boxing gloves today and with all of my work stress it was the perfect am workout. I am all about brining my lunch to work EVERY DAY! This time of year, I am a huge fan of soup and salad, but I also love my leftovers or a fancy veggie sandwich!

    • Excellent! Cold weather is perfect for the slow cooker and soups so there is no excuse NOT to bring lunch! And boxing work outs rock, I used to do LA Boxing and always felt like a total badass post work out!

  2. This is why I brown bag 95% of the time. Not only do you save a ton of money but it’s so much more nutritionally sound.

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