Another Half Marathon??

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about how I had finished all the races I signed up for this year. To rewind a little bit: I had never considered racing before, in January my friend Meghan, from my indoor soccer team (which starts up Dec 4th!!), asked if I wanted to run the Reston 10 miler with her and her friend Kathy in March, and I said yes. I believe my longest run ever at this point was 8 miles and I did it in 2009, woops. Well I proceeded to increase my running a bit and ended up witha whopping 7 mile run under my belt (only once mind you) prior to this race. The race was great though, Kathy and I ran together for the first 8 miles and then I pulled away to finish out at a little bit quicker pace. Overall, aside from the cold, it was an awesome first race.

I can’t remember when or why but I found the Zooma half marathon shortly after and decided heck yes I can do this. Training for it gave me something to keep my focus on and an end goal for all the running I was doing. I really liked having something to work for and I was always focused on the next race. Now I didn’t run a race every month or anything but I still ran five 10+ mile races, not too shabby for year one! Well I took a little break from running over summer because of the heat and humidity but now I am back. I try to run 3 or 4 days a week for 3 miles at a time. While that’s all fine and dandy I kind of what a longer race to motivate me to start pushing myself a little harder.

Out of all the races I did the Zooma Half was by the most mentally challenging but the most rewarding. The Tough Mudders that I did were fun but it was more of a team spirit, get through it, type of thing. The half marathon was just run run run as fast as you can by yourself.

All of this racing soul searching has left me to wanting to do another half marathon! So far what I have found local is the Iron Girl Half in Columbia MD (4/28) and the Rock n’Roll Half in DC (3/16). I ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC this year and really enjoyed running in the city so I think the Rock n’ Roll is a contender for sure. So blog / real friends, is any one looking to run a race in DC in March?! I find that in the long races I run better alone because you find a groove and you go with it, running with some one else typically means one of you are running a pace that isn’t perfect for you which means you get tired / sore faster. It would be fun to have people run it though to cheer and celebrate after. I haven’t conned my friends into making signs and cheering yet but I think it will have to be done for this one. Added bonus: I think people wear costumes! I am going to dress all sorts of badass. The course looks like it would be super fun, plus it is all over DC!! I am pretty sure I ran over that bridge for the Cherry Blossom race and it was beautiful! The full course looks way better though because you get to run on the river longer, the 26.2 miles is just terrifying to me though. I should do a marathon once in my life, just not sure if next year is the year for it, who knows.

Well that was long winded and indecisive but in the crafting of this post I think I just talked myself into buying some new winter running gear and training for the Rock n’ Roll half marathon. I also semi sweet talked my bf into saying he would do it with me if I so desire! While I know he will run whatever pace I need to run I am nervous I will push myself to be faster and in return burn out. He did the same MD Tough Mudder I did earlier in the year and was like “psh nbd I could do that in my sleep” so while I was optimistic for a minute that I would have the “leg up” on the distance thing I’m realizing now he is an all around athletic god,which I can not really compare too. Shucks.

And with that I am off on a run and to hit the gym, last parting words: Bring it Rock n’ Roll.

Q: Will you be running any races in the lovely capital of the U S of A in the coming year?
Q: Is there a race that you have completed that sticks our as your absolute favorite and why?

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  1. Helllll yeah! My first half was amazing and I am currently looking for another one next month. Then I want to do at least 4 half marathons next year! This is awesome I can’t wait to read your recaps of whichever ones you choose!

    • Next month?! Holy! I think I could probably do one now if I wanted but my time wouldn’t be close to my first one. Four is impressive!! I am a total baby with weather so I need to wait until it gets warm again until I start racing. Thanks!

  2. I love picking out my runs for the year! 🙂

    • I am having fun looking! I think I am going to save my dollars though and only do half marathons or longer next year, all the other runs I will run for free at my own liesure : )

  3. You got bit by the racing bug just like me! Its such a great way to stay motivated for runs and I really do enjoy the training/schedules. If I don’t get into the NYC Half I would be interested in the DC race!

  4. Woohoo! This is so exciting!! I feel the exact same right now – need to run some more races!! My mom and dad were in Washington last year in March and they said it was GORGEOUS with all the cherry blossoms!!

  5. I love the racing soul searching! Like you, I do better with a race ahead of me…especially through the long winter. Congrats on an awesome and impressive year! I hear only good things about the Rock n Roll races and was thinking of looking into one in a sunny place this winter, but perhaps DC…I haven’t been in many many many years! Speaking of many years…I used to play soccer and miss the team sports. So jealous that you have an indoor team!

  6. yayyyyy for running! Half are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE race. I’d rather do them over a 5k or 10k. They are… MAH FAVORITEEEEEE!!!! Um… if I lived closer to you and not in snowy MI I would totally sign up for the race with you! My favorite race is a half-marathon in my hometown…. It is in April and everytime I have ran it I have gotten my time down…. it is getting harder and harder to race against myself though! lol It is also my favorite because it is the race where the stars aligned, cupid shot me with the arrow of love, and I met my boyfriend Mr. Speedy. He won the entire race…..


  7. I’ll be in DC for work in January and can do a training run with you if you wanna 🙂 Probably freeeeezing.


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