Grocery Shopping Tips and Tricks

One of my favorite parts of the week is getting my weekly Harris Teeter (grocery store) circulator. It comes via email typically on Fridays, which is perfect for me because I go shopping on Sundays normally. Their website has a feature to mark things you want to purchase from the ad and then mail yourself the grocery list. It will then send the list to your email and I typically just carry around my iPhone at the store and get things. I’m mighty frugal at grocery stores and can feed myself 19-21 meals on about $30, including snacks of fruit. I created a template recently for the grocery store that I thought I would share with all of you: Grocery List. If you would like the .doc / .docx version of it shoot me an email at or leave a comment with your email and I would be happy to send it to you.

When I am filling this out I do it as I am browsing through the sales online. I typically end up writing down all the BOGO (buy one get one free aka 50% off) specials that pertain to something I would get. That way if two similar things are BOGO I will check them out at the store and decide which one I want. I rarely meal plan because I have found that when I get a recipe in my head I will buy things that I end up not knowing what to do with. So I build my list around what is on sale / what is affordable and typically some meal ideas will pop into my head. Here is my list for this weekend: Grocery List 11_4. I don’t have a bread / bakery section because I do not shop there but that can be easily changed using the .doc/x versions!

Based on the things I have on the list for BOGO meats I decided to get celery, carrots, and onions so I can do either a big roast or a stew / soup. I always get greens because I like being able to have salads through out the week and since I make my own dressing it’s nothing I need to play ahead for. The pork loin would be perfect to cook and shred for lunch salads too. The eggs that I get depend on the sale of the week. The ones I have listed here are $1.79 each and a limit of 2 so there you go! Sometimes other brands are on sale for $.99 so when that happens you can bet that’s what I buy.

It is totally possible to shop on a budget so when you do splurge and get something awesome at the store there is zero guilt because you keep your budget on a weekly basis at something that is manageable for you.

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  1. I really need to be better about budgeting when it comes to buying groceries. I usually just buy whatever I feel like without regard to price…I need to get better at that 🙂

    • I also use to track and see if I can stay under $200 a month. It doesn’t always happen but if I go over I typically will not spend as much going out to eat. I make a game out of it trying to beat last weeks bill!

  2. My mom thinks very similarly to you! I feel like she legit gets SO excited when the grocery store circulars come. She plans everything around the sales. I personally like that idea b/c I hate making decisions. So it’s nice to just buy what’s on special and there, you’ve decided what will be in your recipes for the week!


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