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If you take a look at my post about the sweet potato slow cooker casserole you can see that a lot of beef was used to make the casserole and the yummy bib lettuce tacos. That being said we still bought way too much ground beef. It was on sale for $2.99 lb and I went a little over board. The total weight on ground beef that was purchased was a little over 5 lbs. 1.7 went to the casserole and 1ish went to the tacos. Therefore there was a left over of 2.3 lbs and change of ground beef. Quite a bit to be considered left over right? I started researching bbq meatloaf and after inspecting the boys cookware realized there was no meatloaf pan?! So the default was to burgers. To keep things interesting I made two different recipes, here we go:

2ish lbs of ground beef, you can use turkey, bison, whatever
1 egg for each l lb of meat
1/4 – 1/2 a cup of sauce of your choice to each 1 lb of meat
1/4 yellow onion diced
A few baby bella mushrooms, cut into large pieces

Preheat oven to 375 F. Get a large baking sheet and line it with tin foil. In a bowl mix 1 lb of meat with 1 egg, sauce, onion, and mushroom. I also added in salt, pepper, and paprika to the burgers. Form in 3 patties, I typically press down the center a bit more so that they don’t look like balloons when they come out of the oven. Cook for 22 minutes or until cooked to your liking. I had two pans so I did 11 minutes, switched the pans position on the racks, and cooked for another 11. When the burgers are done remove from the pan and place on some paper towels to suck up any excess fat, or use a cookie drying rack and pat dry. I wish there was a fancy after picture to show you guys but the power went out right when we finished so all I have is a dark and unfocused one.

WOD – When I posted this morning I said I would be running, rowing, squatting, lunging, and doing sit ups. Well I did and my results were as follows:
Run: 8:35, 124 cal
Row: 4:45, 75 cal
Circuit: 11:42, 170 cal
Row: 4:48, 57 cal
As you can see I didn’t run away like I was hoping but I was able to do another 1000m row. I didn’t have the extra 5 minutes and I think my legs may have collapsed too. I found a pretty cool website today that I did the calories of the circuit for: Calorie Burn Chart. I like it because it does specific activities and by weight. Normally if you go to livestrong or something like that it gives you the stats for 130lbs and 200lbs. The math can be done but I like this site the best so far.

On to musings: I am sure we all have our pet peeves about the gym. I had a little run in with a woman today that took me by surprise so I figured I’d share it. The gym I go to is in my office building so I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything. I figure it would be best not to anger someone at the off-chance I would end up working with them. SO I was walking to the treadmill and got a call, I answered and said “Hey, I just got to the gym and am about to hop on a treadmill”, I listened for a minute and then said “Okay sounds good, I’ll see you later.” The call lasted 20 seconds (I just looked at my call logs, there is no exaggerating at all right now). In the time that I had this conversation a lovely woman on a machine in the area managed to holler at me and angrily point to the “No cell phone in the work out area” sign and read it to while shaking her hand at said sign. I laughed a bit and started up the treadmill. I understand the sign and that it is rude when some one is yapping away about who knows what to some one for 30 minutes on a bike. But 20 seconds?! You can tell me if I am out of line but I think that what I did was perfectly fine. My voice was even low! I was slightly irked but like I said, people from work go there so I bit my tongue and went on my way.

Q: What are you biggest pet peeves at the gym?
Q: What would you have done / felt if the above situation happened to you?

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  1. I think rules are in place for a purpose like you said for those that go way over the top on things…but what you did was no big deal. There are just some people in the world that like to stick their nose in everyone’s business…I think that lady was one of them…she was prolly just itching for someone to pick up the phone, you were just the first she saw….

    • I’m assuming she had some anger towards something else. At least thats what I’m telling myself. I have definitely asked some one to put away their cell phone at a movie before but that was after 20 minutes of obnoxious use!

  2. NOT out of line… seesh. Sometimes there is a man who goes to my gym and sits on those guided weight lifting machines and talks on the phone while sitting down and “lifting”. So annoying! There is also a trainer at my gym (the spin class guy I’ve complained about) that stands in front of his “friends” and talks to them while they’re on cardio machines working out! It’s extremely distracting.

    I would’ve probably done the same as you… maybe apologized because I’m a wuss.

    • I hate the treadmill chatters!!! My gym isn’t set up to allow those shinanigans because they face walls but at my old gym that totally used to drive me bonkers. More so when people were talking to me, its like yes hello I would love to catch up, but I’m doing something right now…

  3. The gym I was going to before I joined the swim team didn’t even allow phones for texting while working out…which I think is a little crazy!

    • That’s ridiculous! I use my cell phone for music so if some one got on me about that I’d be like okay great buy me a mp3 player. I also text myself work outs so I can remember them!


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