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I am, what I like to consider, part of the early facebook generation. Meaning that when I got accepted into college (2006 woo) I eagerly awaited my email address so I could join the facebook world. Now every one and their mother is on it and there is this whole ‘page’ idea that I still don’t completely understand, but that is neither here nor there. Since facebook there has also been, twitter, foursquare, instagram, linkedin (a little different in my opinion), pinterest, google+, flickr, yelp, and the list goes on. Oh and of course we can’t forget about myspace (ha!). The turn that facbeook has taken to the megahub of all things social has me turned off from it a little bit but I do love the ability to keep up with family and friends who don’t live nearby.
 That being said I was SUPER slow at joining the twitter world, pinterest arena, and only downloaded instagram because I could edit picture on my phone for this here blog when I wasn’t near my beloved mac book pro (swooon). I have a google+, linkedin, and yelp account too. Linkedin gets some loving but that for professional reasons, yelp I will review restaurants, and google+ is just there. You may be wondering my point? Being a blogger it means I share a lot of my life with a bunch of strangers (whom I love dearly and squeel with glee every time you comment on here) and that I should become a little more comfortable with all the other social media sites out there. I figured I would take this time to shamelessly put the accounts I want to share with all of you lovies out there. I am not super active but when I am it can be fun. So here we go:

Twitter: @megankellly
Instagram: @megankellly
Pinterest: @megankellly
Yelp: megankellly
I’m super unique right?

If you want to follow me do it! I get excited when the numbers go up! If you are not following my blog already then you totally should. If you are not a wordpress user there is a spot to put in your email and you can decide if you want to read my musings, daily, weekly, never, heck it’s your call. But just so you know, it gives me the warm and fuzzies everytime I get a new follower, its like I’m in middle school again “They like me! They really like me!” adorable (creepy…) right??

Q: What is your favorite social media site?
Q: What social media site do you not understand?

–  for me that would be foursquare and “checking in”

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21 replies

  1. We must be the same age! I joined facebook when I went to college in 2006 too. I am having trouble keeping up with allll the social media. I just recently joined Instagram and I always forget to check it. Ha, my main three are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. And of course, blogging!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one : ) I just discovered that instagram is only for your phone, how weird? They have no online site, my mind was blown. Blogging definitely gets all my attention too!

  2. I don’t get Twitter. I don’t have one, and I just don’t get it. I just joined Pinterest and LOVE that site. OH man I get losttt on that website.

    • I have my blog hooked up to twitter and thats it! I don’t understand the point of it either!

      And yes pinterest is like a recipe book with far less organization!! I have so many things I need to do!

  3. huh…
    I’m not a big fan of facebook, I just hate when people post their pictures and what they do every hour and so on I just use it mainly for followng some ql pages and read their news (like photoshop, computer art, daily new,…)
    I’m a big fan of Instagram (pictures are worth 1000 words ;)) and addicted to foursquare (sometimes I think this is not a god idea because people always know where I am, if I want to “hide” I have to stop checking in)
    Pinterest is for me like a Bookmarks Bar in Safari maybe a little bit more organised 😉
    Twitter isn’t my thing :/ and google+ wtf don’t get the point

    • Hahah! Poor google+ it’s like the ugly step child no one wants! My fav on fb is the overload of the baby bump X-rays!! When it comes time for me to reproduce I hope I keep my child a bit more sheltered!!

  4. yayyyy Just added you on twitter, instagram (i loooooooove insta) and Pinny. My fav….. well, I like them all. Twitter is fun if you follow certain people, like your fav comedian and silly friends. Generally the updates never fail to make me laugh. Instagram I LOVE. I love pictures and editing them to make them pretty and professional. The blur tool, I am obsessed.

    And Pinterst is amazing. It makes me want to throw the towel in at a ‘real’ life, quit my job, and just stay home and back and sew and bear babies and stitch clothes for them and make the most romantic dinners for my husband that I do not have.

    Basically, it is a fantasty world. Sigh. One day… I shall have a house designed after Pins. I swear it.

    • I could not agree more!! Why can’t my boss just be like Megan you deserve 1 million dollars a year!! And then I would Pinterest decorate my house, all day. I’d be so crafty!!

  5. Part of my job is doing social media, and I never would’ve joined Twitter or Instagram myself if it wasn’t for work, and now I’m obsessed. Like, I seriously have a problem with Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. I find that I use those strictly for food inspiration, news updates, and current events. Facebook is what it is, I like it, but I also know how to use it. Many of my friends use it like Twitter and dominate my newsfeed with their daily musings. If people used every social media site for their intended purpose, the world would be a better place, ha!

    • I have never thought about it like that before but I definitely see your point. Each social media outlet has a purpose and its when people use them wrong they become a nuisance. Brilliant!

  6. I HATE TWITTER! (But you can totally follow my attempt at it… @Dubagee) I don’t UNDERSTAND Pinterest &! FourSquare is just plain strange, it’s pretty much inviting stalkers into your life and…… Lets just hope NO MORE social media outlets erupted, that’s wishful thinking though!

    • I followed you! I never look at it but maybe I will start trying. What is! I have never heard of that? And yes, Foursquare is like stalker heaven….

      • is weird, it’s hard to explain actually… You kind of just have to go and explore – I guess it’s sort of a mix between StumbleUpon and Pinterest… Ugh, so many to keep track up! I should dress up as Pinterest for Halloween, people can pin me all night (or wait, maybe just hot men? LOL)

  7. Soooo absolutely following you on twitter, instagram, and pinterest 🙂 In a really non-creepy way 😀 I joined in 2006 too.. but I was basically a baby in high school at this time (well, 16)! I am obsessed with instagram and pinterest – its terrible!! Not so much twitter, but its true when they say Pinterest makes you want to bake all the time, get married, have a beautiful house, and have babies (whhhattt?!), ITS BAD, in a really great way. haha

  8. Like all of the above!
    I do my blog and that is about it. I fear that I will never sleep if I join Pinterest because it looks like so much fun!

  9. I love how there are so many diff social media sites. Something for everyone! I still have not been able to get into Pinterest. I tihnk Twitter is my favorite site followed by INstagram…funny because I resisted getting on IG for so long! Then once I did I was hooked.

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