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What a perfect little Tuesday I had! On top of the runners high I ate 100% Paleo and my energy was totally back and I went to bed with a happy belly! My perfect Paleo day consisted of:
2 eggs over easy
1 small banana
1/2 a baby avocado
Broccoli, kale, onion, carrot, celery, and zucchini soup in chicken broth
w/ a lavender chicken drum stick shredded into the soup
1 deliciously large apple
Mixed greens with raw mushrooms w/ EVOO salt & garlic powder
Pork chop and sautéed mushrooms in Wegmans basting oil, greek seasoning, and garlic powder

Plenty of food and my stomach was humming all day, SOOO happy! I absolutely love mushrooms, I have noticed that when I buy the raw ones that they get funny in a few days so I typically end up with one meal where it is heavy mushrooms. I am by no means complaining though! Everything I have heard about preserving mushrooms is that you should put them in a brown bag and store them in the crisper drawer.
Q: Is there something I am missing?? How do you keep your mushrooms fresh?

Next up is crafting! I forgot how much I really enjoy the crafty world, I should start looking around on Pinterest for more great ideas. I cannot take credit for the project last night it was all my friend Naomi, who just happens to have a blog too! So the project we set out on tackling was a spray paint wine bottle design. I am terrible at instructions and the spray paint said to stand 10 – 12 inches from the surface  you were spray painting, I obviously thought well hey the close the better right? NOT. So listen to your spray paint can if you decided to do this!

Wine bottle
Spray paint
Painters tape
Hot water
Dish soap

Soak the wine bottle in the hot soapy water for 20 – 40 minutes. Remove the label from the bottle. Decorate the bottle with painters tape to block out whatever shape or design you are feeling. Tape the bottles outside and spray paint the bottle. Let them sit for 20 – 30 minutes. At this point you can remove the tape or do another coat. I was not able to do another coat because I had drippies from spraying too close. I love this and will definitely do it again, perhaps holiday colors?!

I went for circles and used a wine cap, a piping tip, and a candle

Naomi was good and stood a wee bit farther from the bottles than I did

And we wait…

You can see some of my circles got a little funky because the paint was too thick. The instructions were to let it dry for 5 minutes and we waited until 10 and the edges were a little “sticky” if you will. The tape ripped some of the paint. When I do this again I will wait 20 – 30 minutes / if I have the time longer. I think this could also be fun to use multiple colors, the sky is the limit! These are perfect for holding candles, pretty glass stones, flowers, or whatever else you can think of! Perhaps stuff them with holiday garland? Use your imagination.
Q: I quite enjoyed doing this little project, have you done any crafting recently that was fun and cheap?? Share it with me, every one can use more girls nights!

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4 replies

  1. I love mushrooms. Anything with mushrooms is exciting.

  2. I lovee crafting. I started a craft a while back, and have been slacking to finish it.

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