How to shake the sleepys

Yesterday at work / after work was rough, my energy level was at approximately -5. I skipped the gym because I had been the last 7 days straight with out a rest day and my body felt weak and my energy sapped from the weekend. I went to bed at 10pm last night with great intentions of getting up at 6am to bike to work and get back to the whole “moving” game. But alas, the alarm rang, I turned it off and proceeded to toss and turn until 7am. Got to work at 8am and STILL felt like a total zombie. So I caved and drank coffee around 9am, holy moses! I drink coffee VERY infrequently and by goly it did the trick. I was buzzing for the entire 2 hour meeting and after couldn’t wait to hit the gym. I ran 3.2 miles in 28 minutes, 8:53 pace, not too shabby for a gal who doesn’t run any more! Once I got back I did some fun ab / total body moves and called it a day. I feel fantabulous! So apparently coffee is a god send. I do not care to become addicted to so while I appreciated the boost today I will continue boycotting it until another 2 day slump. My new shoes, arm band, and head phones worked wonderful! I am so happy to have a new pair of running shoes. I am going to try to squeeze in 3 miles a day on most days until the weather turns. That will only equate to what 15 ish miles a week? A far cry from the 30 miles a week I used to run but I am not training for anything! I have completed all the races I signed up for this year!!! You can check out my races page but I ended up doing (in this order) 10 miler, 10 miler, 12.5 mile tough mudder, half marathon, 12 mile tough mudder, and finally the Color Run which was a 5k. Seems a little backwards don’t you think?!

I am happy to say that I am done competing for the year. We will see what next year brings but my only goal for the remainder of the year is to start enjoying running again. I fell out of like with it a little while ago and I miss it. I miss how strong I felt and the confidence an awesome run could give me. I also miss being a human disposal and being able to eat whatever my little heart desired. Working out at the gym makes me feel great to so ideally I figure out a schedule that incorporates running, lifting, and of course continuing yoga on the weekend because I wuv it! At the same time I plan to keep up Paleo and try not to veer so far off course on the weekends, I partially blame the noms from the weekend on my energy suck.

Q: Have you ever broken up with a work out? Did you get back together? Was it hard?
My biggest fear is that I will not be as fast as I used to! It seems silly but I don’t want to feel “defeated” how silly is that?!

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  1. I rarely drink coffe too, but when I do what out because I’ll have more energy than I know what to do with. What a great mix of races this year. You should be proud.

  2. Your running for the year has been awesome! I am just about done with the goal I set last December: one race a month for a year! I missed one, but have continued strong! You will be fine as far as your speed goes, besides..after a few runs you’ll be back to your regular speed!

  3. I broke up with my spin class just a few weeks ago. I love spinning but the teacher was absolutely awful and when he started naming muscles the WRONG ones, I left and didn’t go back. Perhaps I will get back together with it if I join a different gym in the future!

  4. Cofffeeee. I drink it every morning and if I don’t, I get a mega headache later. I know this is probably not the best for me, but I don’t care… I love it!

    Right now I’m not running b/c I need to heal my poor legs from the marathon and let me just say it IS FRICKEN HARD. I’m use to running about 6 days a week, with one day rest…. so now I have to rest for like a week or two and it is making me stir crazy. I can’t wait to get back into it. Other than imagining all my limbs and curves expanding from not exercising, it keeps me sane- that little bit of sweat, clears my head and calms me down.

    WHO WOULD GIVE THAT UP?!? Not me- free therapy, girlfriend 😉

    • I couldn’t agree more! I’m in such a happier mood and its because and negative energy is just poof gone post run! And yes I would say what you have towards coffee is definitely an addiction : P

      • It taste so good… I’m going to have serious issues when I’m preggo b/c I think you are not suppose to drink coffee/caffine. Right?

        (im not pregnant by the way, or trying. I just meant that in the far far future)


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