I think I’m getting old : (

Yesterday was a great day, this morning not so much… From the top! I make the executive decision to fill up a produce bin of a fridge at work with groceries to feed myself lunch throughout the week. That way I don’t have to plan ahead every day and if I bike to or from work I’m not lugging food / tupperware. Making myself a salad and heating up soup was super easy and since I brought in bowls from home the portions were actually smaller than the oversized tupperware I normally I bring in. I was just as full though! My plates are playing games with my mind!! My feast came after a good work out that went as follows:

3×10 Deadlift – 45lb bar + 50lbs of plates
3×10 shoulder push ups – plank position rotate your shoulder blades in and out, works the upper back muscles, learned it in yoga on sunday!
3×10 inverted squeeze up rows – 40lbs – stand with soft knees and a flat back at 90 degrees, holding a kettle bell with both hands squeeze up to your chest – to make more difficult stand on toes (the burn feels so good)
row 2000m for time, I thought I was 8:26 but the boy is telling me I was 9:26, we’ll see who is right next time I do it : )

Then after work I biked the 5 miles home, ate some chicken thighs and cauliflower rice and relaxed before soccer. Soccer is where this post gets its name from. It was a great game, tons of running (which I need to start doing again, woof), and a couple of collisions. I went home feeling great and strong because I had done a bajillion sprints during the game. Waking up this morning was not so fun. My back is super sore, which means I did a great job at the gym yesterday, one point Megan. My left knee on the other hand is very cranky. I received a blow to the back of my knee from some one else’s knee who was running full force. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, now it’s easy to see that the muscles behind my knee are badly bruised. So I am now hobbling around…

I am going to be smart and forgo the gym today with a walk to WholeFoods. Its the perfect distance that the walk + the shopping will get me out of the office for the length of time I typically spend at the gym. My reasoning for going is that I want to either buy some fun nut butters OR raid their bulk section and pick up some nuts to make my own! The grocery store I go to does not have a bulk section, it’s a tragedy. I grew up in the birth place of Wegmans so I was grocery store spoiled my entire life. Between WholeFoods and Harris Teeter though I can make it through the week but a Wegmans would make my life that much more complete!

Another reason for skipping the gym is that I am making an effort to start using a bike instead of my car for getting around the city. I am going to see Pitch Perfect with a friend tonight and am biking to and from the theater, which amounts to about 11 miles round trip. I am hoping my knee is feeling a wee better tonight but I doubt that will be the case! Like I said, I’m getting old. I will counter this aging thing with healthy and active habits, I will not be defeated!!! : P

Q – What is your favorite nut to make nut butters with?
Q – Do you have a great recipe for me to try out?
Q – Have you seen Pitch Perfect yet? Is my mind about to be blown?!!

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  1. Ohh noo!! You are a beast on the soccer field! Be easy on the knee..we are all getting old don’t worry haha. My knee has been bothering me so bad lately it’s not fair!! Enjoy your time at WF, I soo wish I had one closer!

  2. Amen for getting old. One of my biggest problems with where I live is that it is not very bike friendly (not that I could really cycle right now since I’m injured) but I wish it was easier to get around!

  3. Friggen knees! My left one is the bane of my existence- hopefully yours feels better in no time! I’ve never made nut butter before, I know it’s probably extremely easy but it intimidates me!

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