Lunch time circuit

Why hello again, after the food post from the morning I figured I’d squeeze a little fitness into the day as well. This was a quick (>20 minutes) work out and I ended up using a few machines after because I had time. All of the moves in this circuit focus on a tight core and back strength.

For jumping jacks use weights, I did 3lbs because my shoulders are garbage, but it still made them harder.

50 jumping jacks
20 threading the needle, from high plank*
20 jumping jacks
20 table extensions**
20 jumping jacks
10 frog jump squats***
20 jumping jacks
30 sec right side plank with left leg up
30 sec left side plank with right leg up
50 jumping jacks

10 v ups
20 bicycle sit ups
20 reverse sit ups
20 bicycle sit ups
10 v ups

*Start in high plank, rotate to match image b and follow the motions, return to high plank and switch sides
**On all fours reach out your right arm parallel to your body and you left leg straight out behind you, curl them both in and under you so elbow and knee touch, extend out
***Squat down, touch the ground with your hands and explode up, land on soft knees and repeat


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