Getting fit for Bennyboo Affleck

This is mostly a work out post with a little bit of bragging at the end. For starters the work out. This is a variation of a work out a friend of mine gave me. I would have followed it as is but I did a lot of lunging and squatting yesterday so my legs were screaming at me really quickly and I was in danger of toppling over. Here is my version:

Set 1:
10 burpees
5 right leg forward lunges (ideally throw some weight on for these, I did 40lbs initially but dropped it)
5 right leg back lunges
5 left leg forward lunges
5 left leg back lunges
10 burpees
20 squats w/ 20lbs
20 jumping jacks (should have been burpees)
10 jump squats
10 knee slaps

rest 60 seconds

Set 2:
20 pushups
60 second plank
20 pushups (should have been triangle pushups)
30 second plank, right leg up
30 second plank, left leg up
20 pushups (should have been spiderman pushups)
60 seconds mountain climbers

rest 60 seconds

Set 30:
10 lb weights for all
20 bicep curls (10 each arm)
10 shoulder presses
10 deltoid flies
10 tricep dips

10 crunches
20 bicycles
10 toe-reaches
20 bicycles
10 crunches
5 burpees

40 bicep curls (20 each arm)
20 shoulder presses
20 deltoid flies
20 tricep dips

10 crunches
20 bicycles
10 toe-reaches
20 bicycles
10 crunches
5 burpees

10 chataranga pushups
10 pushups

Now for what you are really waiting for: Ben Affleck say whattttt. So one of my gfs works for a company that promotes movies and all that jazz. So occasionally she will get manfriend and I on the list to see early screenings of movies. WELL we are on the list to see Argo tonight and Ben Affleck and John Goodman are going to be there!!! CRAZYYY I will bein a theater with them! Maybe Jennifer will be there?!?! AHH the possibilities. Okay, serious question though blog world, WHAT DO I WEAR???

On a more sane note… I mentioned yesterday I am going to be flirting with Paleo. Well, I made a fantastic dinner last night and ate paleo most of the day (minus the quinoa on my lunch salad) and will eat Paleo again all day today (minus the couscous with lunch). WELL my friend who put together that work out knows about this little Paleo crush I have AND knows how much I adore crock pots, sooo she sent me this link: 30 Nights of Paleo Crockpot Meals!! I’m so excited!

Not as excited about seeing some famous people though.

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  1. AHH I am whoa jealous!! SO exciting..have fun and you should just go naked..then maybe he will ravish you!

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