Round and round we go again

A little while ago I decided to try out Paleo for a month. I did terrible at it! I posted only once with food ideas!! I’m not quite sure what happened really. I think the problem was that I was thinking ahead to things like “What if I’m out to dinner, how am I going to order?”, “Will people be annoyed with me if I hack up my order??”, “Will I still be able to cook dinner with friends and the manfriend?”, and finally “Will I feel bad every time I drink : )”. Well, for starters the drinking is a joke, kind of. I am by no means an alchy and I no longer go out on Fridays because of yoga in the morning and Saturday is questionable also. That being said, I still love wine, oh so very much. Even if I don’t go out I will still enjoy some wine. The Paleo diet does say that tequila (barf) and red wine are okay in small amounts, so I guess I can’t totally get cranky about that. I also love beer, a good craft beer, mmm. I don’t want to / don’t care to give that up, so I guess I’ll just have to take that as a win for the non Paleo team.

When it comes to ordering… If I’m honest with myself I don’t eat out that much at all so being a pain when I do go out isn’t the end of the world. I do l0ve cheese though : ( So that makes me a little sad thinking about giving it up. I think the “extreme” of any eating plan that cuts out something I like in general makes me sad. What makes me sadder is the digestion issues I feel like I have all the time! After reading more about Paleo and learning about SCD I have self diagnosed myself with some sort of belly issues. So I suppose trigger foods can be reduced and who knows, maybe I will just decide I don’t want them any more?

When I went grocery shopping for the week I actually bought all Paleo friendly things, so that’s a start. When I was home my mom bought me a bunch of quinoa and couscous and I am not one to throw food out. I have a feeling I am embarking on a slow journey to a very Paleo like way of eating. Fancy cheese platters will still be around but only when I’m out on hot dates with the manfriend or having a fancy night in. Both of which are wonderful things and can be had with and without cheese platters. So now there will just be less cheese in my future, but certainly not none. One of the other things I worry about is the money. I have read some blogs that will give a shopping list and round it out with “This will be about $150 and more than enough to feed a household of two”. $75 a person?!?! My MOST expensive grocery bill is $60 and that happens once in a very very blue moon. I typically hover around $30 give or take $5. $75 would be doubling my bill, which is not okay. I think I could up my intake by buying larger pieces of meat and doing roasts / slow cooker meals and then jazzying them up on different nights perhaps. I just can’t blow away my budget on $75 a week for groceries.

You are probably at the point in my ramble like hmm whats the point. The point is I’m intrigued. Very intrigued really. So intrigued that I am biking (I HAVE A BIKE!!! eeeek!!) to the grocery store after work to grab some zucchini squash / regular squash and I am going to be chopping, slicing, dicing, and cooking up some versatile things that I can use throughout the week. I have some fresh garden vegetables from home so we’ll see what I end up whipping up! With intrigue is going to come a commitment. A commitment to make a change, if I try to chop something out it wont last and I am not about to throw out food. So I will eat the couscous and quinoa over the next however many days / weeks until its gone. BUT I will make a very conscious effort to not buy any more non Paleo things. I will go through my fridge and throw out things that I don’t like that are not Paleo friendly, unfortunately that does not include ketchup. I am going to HAVE to find a sugar-free and Paleo friendly version. I am in love and will not break up with ketchup under any circumstance, ever.

Q: How do you feel about eating plans that cut out a certain food group? How do you cope with the idea of “I’ll never be able to have… “? Do you think its “cheating” or is it just making a choice to not follow a certain guideline in a eating plan? I would love to hear from you!!

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  1. I love your attitude about this and the idea of making it a hybrid to suit your needs/budget. I know a friend who would go through fad diets and be EXTREME, throw everything out, waste money, etc and ditch it in a week when she saw she couldn’t follow it to a T. The Paleo diet is interesting to me; I don’t think it’s for me but personally I’d be way more interested in Paleo recipes than say, vegan or gluten free. I’d love to know how all alcohol but tequila and wine is banned though?? LOL

    Personally I think people should only do these extreme type of diets (& following them strictly) if they have a serious health issue.

    • Thank you! I feel like even if I was a cash money millionaire I would still feel horrible about throwing away perfectly good food. Who would do such a cruel thing?! I will be cooking more / mostly Paleo meals so stay tuned! Plus I rarely use fancy ingredients so they should work on any budget!


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