Having a ball at the gym!

I didn’t have a lot of time today so I wanted all of my gym moves to be compound. The exercises focus on core and upper body strength. You will need a full and half balance ball and some weights. For the exercises you do standing on the half ball make sure to keep your core tight and to have soft knees.

Set 1:
15 right standing side bend: 35lbs
15 left standing side bend: 35lbs
20 bicep curls (10 each arm) standing on half ball: 15lbs
12-20 arm raises – alternate straight up and out to the side – standing on half ball: 8lbs
x 3

Set 2:
12 barbel chest press laying on ball: 20lbs
20 rotating side drops* on ball: 20lbs
10 over head drops on ball**: 20lbs

Set 3:
10 back extension machine: 110lbs

Set 4:
10 crunches
10 right elbow to left knee
10 left elbow to right knee

*while laying on the ball hold weight in both hands up to the sky, slowly drop arms to your ride side, your abs will twist and the ball will roll slightly in the opposite direction, then roll yourself back to center and repeat on the other side
**while laying on the ball hold weight in both hands up to the sky, slowly drop your arms above your head so they are even with your chest, reverse movement to come back to start

This took a total of maybe 30 minutes, if you do all the moves right your arms should be shakey and your core should be feeling a little worked!

Following the work out was a delicious lunch of squash soup and a turkey and pepper jack sammy!


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5 replies

  1. I always struggle with balance on the ball, any tips?

    • When it comes to standing on it the whole point is to have a little wobble, every time you shift your weight around you are using your core muscles to keep you stable. When you are laying down try having a wider stance with your legs! Hope that helps!

      • Ok, that makes sense a lot of sense now. I always felt that if I had a wide stance, I’d be doing it incorrectly. Good to know, thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing your love of fitness with us! Looking forward to following along. 🙂

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