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One of my best friends from high school opened a crossfit gym in Boston in Decemeber of 2011. Ever since then I have made a habit of stalking their website and borrowing workouts to do at my gym’s crossfit room. Well, last night around 11:45pm I was winding down from a particularly brutal soccer game of no women subs and decided to paroose the Rugged site. During this particular stalk I came across a little ole work out called ‘Angie’. I was feeling particularly badass because I had played well and ran my butt off so I thought hey lets give this a shot, so I sent the work out to the manfriend and forget about her and went to bed.

Well non crossfitter friends… ‘Angie’ is cruel. Like I said I forgot about her as soon as I hit my pillow, BUT when I got to the gym manfriend goes okay you said ‘Angie’ today right? (woof.) I couldn’t back down so I enthusiastically agreed. ‘Angie’ goes as follows:

For time w/ a 30 min cap:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

After reading up about ‘Angie’ post work out I learned a few things: A) I did the work out wrong, B) ‘Angie’ is considered one of the “Benchmark Girls“, and C) That while crossfitters love push-ups, I hate them with a bloody passion.

The rules for ‘Angie’ is that you need to complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next. I was unaware of this prior to doing the work out so I did:

10 squats
10 push-ups

10 pull-ups
10 sit-ups

And by push-ups I mean a healthy dose of knees down push-ups and by pull-ups I mean assisted on a machine. BUT I did finish. I was thinking about doing a lil research on how to perfect a pull-up. It’s something I have just never been able to do. I have multi-directional-instability-of-the-ligaments thanks to swimming at a young age for many years, so my shoulders are anything but lovely. When I do pull-ups there is a mix of shoulders popping out and just overall lack of strength. I can do the assisted but still feel super weak and know I can do better. I’m assuming that practice makes perfect so I think to start I will try to lower the weight I use on the assisted machine and try to do 5 a day at the end of my work outs. See if I can’t get myself weened off that machine eventually. I think at this point I have it set to about half my weight, definite progress to be made.

ANYWHO – doing this work out sucked, but I felt pretty awesome after, I had one of those “Holy shnikeys, I just did 100 push-ups and 100 pull-ups!!”. I wasn’t super proud about the number of squats and sit-ups just because I’m pretty bottom and core heavy when it comes to muscle so that part wasn’t wildly difficult.

In other news – I had mentioned that I was getting a bike recently. Unfortunately when I went to check out the bike it would have been more to fix up than it was worth. BUT I spoke with my parents today and they have finally decided to give me back my old mountain bike!! I couldn’t be happier. I rode that bike while I was home a few weeks ago and was in heaven. I’m stoked to not have to buy a new bike and that mine is still in great shape. After talking with some cycling friends I have decided on a new set of tires for whenever the set I have crap out. I am going to my parents for the weekend and will have my bike back in DC with me come Monday!!

On top of having my very own bike I joined DC BikeShare. Basically there are stations all over the DC metro area (they have this in other big cities too) and you use a key, unlock a bike, get 30 minutes to go where you need, lock the bike back up, and go on your merry way. After the 30 minutes you get charged by the hour so I will be using the BikeShare bikes solely for getting from point A to point B. My personal bike will be for fitness! Its perfect really! I have a bike now for every occasion and can say goodbye to a metro! I plan to try to avoid my car as much as possible for a couple of reasons. I’ll save money on gas, save money on parking, won’t have to worry about parking, and my legs will thank me. I don’t expect to all of a sudden be magically thin-tastic but obviously the little things help. An extra for miles of exercise a day / week / month add up!

Q – Are they any gym moves you have struggled with in the past? What did you do to conquer them?

Q – Do drive a bike, car, airplane, moped, scooter, tennis shoes, skateboard, public transportation…. What’s your main mode of transportation? And would you change it if you could?

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  1. I still struggle with push ups, probably because I don’t do them often enough! Also, squats… I try so hard to have good form because of my knees I almost always end up falling backward, lol. I probably over correct myself.

    I unfortunately live in a very un-walkable location in the suburbs, so I use a car to get around. I hate driving so much and wish I could ride a bike everywhere!

  2. Angie is tough, congrats on finishing. My kryptonite is pullups but I’m slowly working off assisted and working my unassisted pullups!

  3. Bahaaa I love this! that workout sounds intense! Way to goo bad asss!

  4. There are many variations for push-ups and pull-ups that will make your workouts challenging and more fun. These variations are for advanced people who have mastered the basic push-ups and pull-ups. For push-ups, change where you place your hands on the ground. You can put both hands at chin level, collarbone level or eyebrow level. You can also place your hands wider than your shoulders or place them together beneath your heart. Other variations include single leg push-ups, push-up on a stability ball (hands on the ball or feet on the ball) and staggered push-ups, where you place one hand above your shoulder level and the other below your shoulder level. For pull-ups, use the low-bar pull-up to do a one-arm pull, and place your grip in a wide position or narrow position. Another full-body exercise with the pull-up is the jump pull where you stand below a pull-up bar that is 1 or 2 feet above you and jump up to grab the bar. Do one pull-up and land back down.


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