Tough Mudder #2

I had mentioned I was quite nervous about this little number because I hadn’t run much this summer. Thankfully the group I ran with had been in the same boat so we were all cruising along together at a happy mediocre speed. To set the stage a bit… This Tough Mudder was incredibly unorganized… The traffic lead up to the farm was miles backed up and we ended up parking 2 miles away on a side street. Initiate long walk now… 30+ minute later we find ourselves coming in the wrong way and loop around to sign in. We hopped in the starting area and did a little stretching and reflecting on how unexcited the whole lot of us were to be running.

30 minutes later and experiencing some incredibly sore knees from being asked to “take a knee” as the pep talk man droned on we finally got to start. There was a little running and then I believe the first obstacle was that artic tank thing, which as before, was brutally cold and felt like a thousand pound cement brick had been dropped on my chest. The next obstacle I can remember was hopping over mini valleys of mud pits. The course was so crowded you basically were flinging yourself into the arms of your team mates because there was no room for a running start or a landing spot for that matter. A little more running and then the fun started… Doing anything with a group of 6 people means you have 6x the chance of something to go wrong… well it did : ( One of the girls on our team sprained her ankle at mile 3. She was a trooper and decided to keep going so as the mudder chant goes, no man left behind.

Approximately one wild rain and lightening storm, a few shut down obstacles, reopened obstacles, water logged and ruined obstacles, completely dried up obstacles (wtf?? i know…), and 6 hours later we crossed the finish line. We parked at 10:30am and got back to the cars at 6pm. Holy flipping hell was that a long day. Oh and on top of that, the line was stupid long for that one free beer you are promised so we skipped that AND the showers were out of water.

I did have a small smile on my face when I heard in the news that the second day of the Tough Mudder had been cancelled because of the poor coordinating effort and that the course was trashed. It reassured me that we weren’t crazy for parking so far away and that it was indeed their fault and not ours.

Two pictures were taken that day and I have yet to see either so this is going to be a sad and pictureless post and I apologize…


Have you ever run an event that wasn’t managed well? Did you walk away bitter?


PS – I put my cooking hat back on yesterday and made an amazing butternut squash soup!! Recipe AND pictures soon to follow : ) For now I’m off to a boozey brunch and day glo… Pending I still have a few bars left in my battery I will make posting top priority tomorrow! Happy weekend!!!

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  1. Ohh my gosh this sounds crazy! I would have most definitely been bitter, fortunately you had run a tough mudder before so you didn’t have to base your opinion off this one. What a ridiculous day.

    • It was a day that’s for sure.. Icing on the cake though I got to meet my cousins newborn for the first time after the race, so as soon as I got to their house I was a happy camper again. Oh and after I ate… I think I was most upset about the unintentional 13 hours fast : P

  2. I’ve been going through WordPress looking for reviews on the various ToughMudders. I am partaking in the Maysville, KY event on October 20th. I have heard from a few others that traffic can be a real issue if you aren’t prepared. Sounded more like a nightmare than just an “issue”. Hopefully, the guys at Tough Mudder can get their act together by the 20th. With the weather always being “iffy” at this time of year in the midwest, who knows how this will turn out. Do you have any suggestions as far as apparel?

    • Hey! Parking varies from each event. The first one I did wsa a breeze. For clothes go spandex, if not spandex dry fit / wicking material. Otherwise its heavy. If you opt for shorts and no compression shorts I’d suggest something on your thighs for chaffing, the dry / wet / mud / dirt combo =’s chaffing. Good luck!!!


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