my WOD x2

I got abused today:

10 clean and press – I did 20lbs and switched to 15lbs for the final set
10 KB swings – 32lbs
20 steps ups – 10 each leg, drive knee up
10 push ups
10 bar toe touches – using a crossfit cage or monkey bars, whatever really, hang and bring your feet to said bar, when you feel like death you can modify to bring your legs to parallel with the floor or tucking your knees
10 dips


if you can beast out more, more power to ya…


10 ball sit ups
10 ball sit up twist right at top
10 ball sit up twist left at top

Yesterday was pretty atrocious too, this was a chest and ab work out I was told… basically I was being tortured… woof.

dumbbell chest press
10 @ 25lbs
8 @ 30lbs
6 @ 35lbs
4 @ 40lbs (I am still in shock I beasted that out)

dumbbell incline chest press
10 @ 30lbs
10 @ 25lbs x3

(I put the 30lbers back on the rack in hopes that a boy would steal then so I could go down in weight, great success)

seated chest press machine
12 seated chest press @ 60lbs
10 push ups

leg press machine
12 leg press @ 140lbs
10 toe raises on leg press machine @ 140lbs

10 ball sit ups
10 ball sit up twist right at top
10 ball sit up twist left at top

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5 replies

  1. It’s amazing what we pay for others to do to our body : ) Awesome workout…way to go! While you are recovering, here are some questions to answer. Thanks for being an awesome and inspirational blogger!

  2. This workout is insane! But good for you 🙂 … very impressive!

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