This girl walks into a barre… ouch.

I had the pleasure of test running the Real Food Barre bars this past month! What is a real food barre you ask? Well these babies are delicious, and nutritious!!, convenient on the go meals. The base of the bar is dates and then yummy flavors like cinnamon and chocolate are added in as well. I am not big on subbing a bar for whole food but sometimes I lose track of time and find myself in a situation that a quick fix is necessary.

A few weeks ago I had a crazy day and last minute decided to go to a concert and I managed to not eat lunch or dinner so I was dying by the time my ride was about to pull up. And lets be honest here… A concert typically means some booze so it was imperative that I eat something. I grabbed for a barre bar and caught my ride. The particular bar I grabbed was the Chocolate Berry. Nom. It was delicious! At just over 200 calories it was just the thing to hold me over for a few hours until the grilling commenced. I had an immediate boost in energy and my mood greatly improved. I don’t know if I can give barre the credit for that entirely because I’m often cranky when hungry BUT that does mean it satisfied my need for fuel : )

For in case you were wondering the ingredients for that baby go as follows:
dates, agave nectar, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seed butter (sunflower kernels, sunflower oil, molasses, salt, citric acid), cranberries, cocoa powder, hemp seed, hemp protein, oats, ground flax seed, brown rice protein, sea salt, peanuts.

Now for the other two… When the box arrived I dove right in and ate the cinnamon pecan one because I had been drooling in anticipation of their arrival and have little to no self control… That baby was delicious.

The ballerina spirulina (Coconut flakes and spirulina waltz harmoniously across your taste buds for a macaroon-like taste and texture. She is one lean, green, coconutty dancin’ machine!) got put to the test last Saturday when I decided to go for a 7am run. I ate this right when I got up and waited about 30 minutes before heading out on a run. I’m normally pretty awful with am work outs because if I do it on an empty stomach I feel really weak and if I eat I get nauseous. I was really happy with the energy this baby gave me and my stomach didn’t revolt either! The energy carries me through a 5.5 mile run and an hour of yoga!!

I highly recommend you check out their website and order some for yourself. The story behind the company is pretty awesome too. There are ballerinas behind these puppies so you know they aren’t throwing in any garbage or extra nonsense.


All in all – job well done!!

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