Ah guys I’ve been so bad at this! The job has me swamped and not wanting to be near my computer when I finally get home! The whole Paleo thing last a solid 24 hours… I have been for the most part eating Paleo but its also restaurant week so I am being anything but strict. For those of you not in big cities – restaurant week is when all the restaurants you can’t normally afford make a coursed menu for you for $20 for lunch and $35 for dinner. So you get an app, main dish and dessert for cheap at places where your bill is normally $50+ easy. So I went out to an awesome italian restaurant last night, I’m going to a lebanese place on Thursday and then also going out to a contemporary joint on Sunday. PLUSSSS the wedding I have been so anxiously waiting for is Saturday as well!! So while I have been sticking to salads for lunch and eggs for breakfast, my dinners have been a far cry from the Paleo diet. Woops.

Work out wise – I went for a 5.5 mile run to an 8:30am yoga class Saturday morning. I also attended a morning pilates class on Sunday. Super fun. Monday my work out went as follows:

15 KB squat swings @ 36lbs
15 inverted squeeze up row (stand on tippy toes, hinge 90 degrees at waist, hold KB with bot hands and squeeze shoulder blades together, if you legs are wibbly wobby then drop your heels to the ground) @ 24lbs
10 push ups
10 right leg box step ups with knee raise
10 left leg box step ups with knee raise


15 right side bends @ 30lbs
15 left side bends @ 30lbs
15 chest press on ball @ 15lbs
15 over head drops on ball @ 15lbs (lay on ball on back like you are going to do a sit up, hold the weight straight above you and drop arms above your head until they are in a straight line with the rest of your body, raise but up to vertical)


30 SLOW sit ups on ball – let it burnnn
15 SLOW sit up with right twist on ball
15 SLOW sit up with left twist on ball


Took all of about 25 – 30 minutes, was able to shower and get back to work with time to each lunch too!

: )

Today meetings kept me from working out over lunch and after a 9 1/2 hour day with no lunch break I boycotted the gym for the TV before DOMINATING at corn hole tonight. I WILL hit the gym tomorrow though. I haven’t come up with the work out yet but once I do I will post it… probably a few days delayed : ) It will be mostly upper body because soccer starts up again tomorrow and I will be runnnnning.

Cheers to being busy! OH and the tough mudder is in 3 1/2 weeks. WOOF.


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