Paleo 1 month challenge

Woah! It’s been forever since posting! Here is what has been happening in the world of Megan, working out and eating:

  • I am back in DC, it is still super muggy
  • I just had my first day of work
  • I wore heels all day and my feet already have blisters
  • I will be wearing flats tomorrow
  • This is why I loath heels, I’m dreading running / working out now
  • I haven’t worked out since… Thursday : ( I did go all out last week though!!

Miles are all biking, minus 3 1/4 from kayaking!

  • I am still figuring out my work out schedule with this new work schedule, it will come together soon
  • I have decided to give Palea a go from Aug 6th (today) – Sept 6th, meals thus far:
    • Breakfast – 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 small avocado, 1 small apple
    • Lunch – Cosi Tandoori Light Salad – got stuck eating out because it was my first day and didn’t know if I should pack lunch or not – mixed nuts
    • Dinner – Roasted veggies (cherry tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms & bell peppers) & grilled turkey breast
    • Dessert – Big apple!
  • My arms are crazy sore from working out with a friend who showed me a bunch of arm exercises but I totally over did it and can barely extend them
  • I am going to my first wedding ever in 2 weeks!
  • Got the best wedding present ever for them thanks to another blogger – who I will give a shout out to shortly but I can’t give away the present for in case the bride to be reads this
  • Bought new work clothes a size smaller than the last time I shopped
  • My grocery bill was under $30 this week but I still made out with a great haul

All done! I will hopefully have some great food to share this week and some work outs to brag about and share with you all. Apologies for the post slacking! Isn’t it a pain when life gets in the way of using a computer : )

To all of my lovely Paleo followers – I know I can easily swing this for a month but what are some of your favorite recipes?? Anything amazing that is different from the standard seasoning, saute, grill, broil & bake?? How about desserts?? I’m a total chocolate lover and a wee sad!! Give me your secrets friends!! I want this month to be fun and about trying things I wouldn’t normally think of!!

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