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I dragged my mom out on a bike ride around Conesus lake today! It was 18.5 miles and turned out to be a pretty good ride. I’m being rather lazy by not running but I figure I have still put in over 4 hours of work outs in the last two days which is more than I would have had I been running. My legs feel pretty fabulous from the biking too. My tush, quads and hammies are all very sore. I am pretty sure I have bruised my sitter but it happens right?

Biking this weekend and watching the Olympics has me wanting to do a triathlon this year. Not a full one because I never plan on running 26.2 miles, ever, but maybe a half or a sprint? I will need to look into this though. My shoulders are all sorts of worked from swimming competitively as a kid but I think I could pull it off. I’d have to get over my aversion of swimming in bodies of water with fish though. Sigh.

Have any of you guys run any sort of a triathlon? How did you prepare? What was the hardest part? Should I do it?!?!

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  1. YES!!! You should definitely do a sprint and for your first, find a small community race or one of the women’s only ones (I’m a huge fan of the TREK series). I am not a big fan of swimming at all and open water scares me, but the whole event is so much fun. Plus, you’re a swimmer so you will do great. If you have any questions, let me know. I had a great role model (he’s my friends dad adn he’s an ironman) who helped me out and now i am hooked : )

    Sounds like a fun bike ride. I love biking iwth my mom!!!

  2. I love biking, and a triathalon would be a blast. I’m with you though, 26.2 miles of running just doesn’t look like it’s in my future.


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