Firefly Festival

After being in the woods for the last 4 days coming into the office was one of the last things I wanted to do. I did get a good chuckle seeing 3 pay checks stacked up which means I haven’t been to my desk in over 6 weeks… Whoopsies! I also haven’t worn jeans in forever either. My legs are feeling constricted and begging for shorts. The good news though is that my jeans are still loose and my weekend of drinking beer like a frat boy and dining on grill food didn’t totally kill me. You can bet your bottom though that the scale and I will not meet until at least Friday when I have a few work outs and healthy meals under my belt. Also whining about having to wear jeans to work when I am about to start a job where I join the rest of the world in business attire is a bit frivolous I suppose…

Now for Firefly!! I had so much fun!! I went with two friends who flew in from home and then made an amazing group of about 15+ other awesome people and we were all basically inseparable.


So much fun! The weather could have included a little bit more sunshine but overall this was an awesome weekend. My favorite shows were Walk the Moon, Girl Talk and Cake. Ihave been dying to see Imagine Dragon and Bombay Bicycle Club but having such a massive group did not lend well to being on time anywhere.

Although I did not run or do any conventional work outs I did wear my Garmin for the majority of the trip and we did plenty of walking and dancing! Half way through day one my watch was up to 3 miles but using the GPS was killing the battery so I turned it off. My legs, specifically my calves, are wildly sore from hopping around dancing so that is pretty exciting!

I am looking forward to running today and ideally hitting the gym as well. I am by no means expecting greatness but I will at least make a valiant effort : ) hope every one had a great weekend!!

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8 replies

  1. This sounds like a blast! Welcome back!

  2. It looks like you had an awesome weekend! Good for you!


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