I just love eggs. Breakfast is by far my most favorite meal of the day and I make omelets quite a bit! Today’s came out especially fantastic. Like I mentioned on Monday I try to do the whole “Breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”, well today is no exception. My breakfast / the fruit I consumed post breakfast with a bit of choco choco peanut butter was ohhhh 700ish calories : ) But on the docket for the day my lunch {big salad w/ turkey} and dinner {tilapia & broccoli w/ NoOodles and sweet chili sauce} are still super filling but incredibly calorie light (sub 150 each!). As of now the day will ring in in the 900s which is super low! I have no intention of doing that. I will add in some food later but right now I am stuffed    : ) I of course took pictures of breakfast so here we go!

2 eggs
2oz deli turkey
a few slices of a green bell peppers
1/2 can of mushrooms (it is 1/3 cup)
2 slices of kraft 2% american cheese
1 slice of wegman’s pumpernickel bread
obviously some of that amazing blueberry cinnamon jam from Granite Heights winery {I am seriously so in love and my jar is already almost gone:( }
Penzey’s Spice Arizona Dreaming
Garlic Powder
Damage: 394 cal / 17g fat / 27g carb / 33g protein / 4g fiber

Cook veggies and meat with arizona dreaming and garlic, add in eggies and once its done top with cheeeeese! I normally just use a Pam type of spray for eggs. I am partial to Wegman’s non stick spray but you can obviously choose your own, lesser worthy, variety of non stick spray.

{So much heavenly cheeeese}

I follow a great blog called like a fat kid and I’m obsessed with her tag line and want to share it “My love affair with all things NOM”. That’s how I feel right now. Nom nom nommmm. It’s amazing what a great breakfast and an obsession with a blueberry cinnamon jam can do to a gal before 10am.

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  1. I always eat a healthy breakfast, a huge lunch and a very small diner. I don’t like eating a big meal at night.

  2. Hey girl heyyy thanks for the shout out! I love eggs too and I’m dying to try those NoOodles 🙂

  3. I love the eat heavy in the am and light in the pm. I need to do this more.

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