Work out recap for the week

Today was another scorcher in the greater DC area. I went running around 2ish and it was 97 degrees! Gross. I really miss spring running season. You can wear as short of shorts as your want and your thighs don’t fight each other and cause you to start walking. You can wear a tshirt, tank top, long sleeve, really whatever you want and you will inevitably sweat but you will still be “comfortable”. I mentioned earlier this week that I had been pretty lazy about running and working out in general and that ideally I would be able to report back that I have ACTUALLY been working out this week. Well folks, by golly I have done it! The week ended up looking a little like this:

Monday: 3 miles @ 10 min pace – was running with a friend!
Tuesday: 4.06 miles @ 9:14 min pace
Wednesday: Let’s not kid ourselves, I was drinking beer with breakfast. My priorities were exactly where they should have been.
Thursday: 2.54 miles @ 7:5 min pace & .57 @ 15% incline for 10 min (first time on a treadmill in forever, it sucked royally) & 7.2 miles in 30 minutes on a bike
Friday: 3 miles @ 8 min pace & an awesome lift that is going right below!

Today’s lift went as follows:

30 alternating bicep curls @ 12.5lbs
15 deltoid flies @ 10lbs
15 over head presses @ 7.5lbs
20 sit ups
30 russian twists @ 17.5lbs
20 toe touches (legs straight up, reach for toes)
40 reverse sit ups (keep legs straight up and lift up with pelvis)
20 toe touches
30 russian twists
20 sit ups

This took me 20 minutes, at that point I retreated to my rooftop and laid out in my sports bra for 40 minutes and got an AWESOME (not) tan line : ( I’ll need to take care of that Sunday at the pool. Poor me…

Saturday: Planning on running in the AM before going on a wine tour!!
Sunday: 50/50 on doing a 10 mile hike, or possibly hanging at the pool, we’ll see how the wine tour on Saturday goes : )

Since this epic heat wave I have noticed that my runs keep getting shorter and slower and I am slightly frustrated but I know better than to push my self in 100 degree weather because I have been known to ‘get sick’ or faint when I push too hard. I know my limits and am sticking to them but I’m still pretty cranky with the whole situation. I know I am capable of holding an 8 – 8:20 pace for 5 miles and under, anything over that I will hang at 8:45 forever and that is totally fine with me! BUt that 9:14 that crept in on Tuesday was a killer! My runs from the last 2 or 3 weeks have all been like this and its frustrating but I will keep running outside because I can not last more than 20 minutes consecutive on a treadmill.

Q: All you runners out there, how do you deal with the heat? I am incapable of drinking water while I run so I need suggestions that don’t involve hydrating. I’m on of those weird ones that unless I’m running on an empty stomach you will find me hurling into a bush – I make hurling looking good so please don’t pass any judgement.

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  1. Awesome job! I run with water all year long so I can’t help you there!


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