Eggs and Poppy

It has been forever since I posted up some food so I have gathered up pictures from the last few I snapped photos of! Here we go!

Let’s start out with some breakfast!

First up is some omelets! The first guy is one egg and 2 egg whites, corn, spinach and mushrooms. I cook them with salt, pepper and dinosaur bbq cajun rub. And if you can’t tell I kind of love ketchup… we get the no hig fructose corn syrup, no added sugar organic stuff so I don’t feel bad but yes I know I should cut back, I won’t though so yea… and there is a butt load of frank’s red hot on there too : )

Next up (this was today’s breakfast, which I just finished, so yummy) is more breakfast food. I was a wee bit hungry today so I went with 4 egg whites! I have some low sodium turkey, mushrooms and spinach in there as well. Along with a piece of american cheese! The bread is Arnold 100 cal sandwich thins – I get the double fiber and flax variety. And yes, that is a puddle of ketchup and hot sauce again.

My favorite way to eat an avocado is with sea salt and lemon juice, I decided to make a little bit bigger of a snack and I did cucumber, tomato AND avocado and just used some sea salt and lemon juice! Perfectionnnn!

Next up – I bought some poppyseed dressing that was just to die for! It was Maple Grove Fat Free Poppyseed – so yum! This salad is spinach, mushrooms, cucumber, tomato and avocado! I know I have mentioned this before but seeing as I cook for one my meals in a weak typically have all of the same ingredients because I can’t buy a massive variety because then things go bad. If you can’t tell my go to’s are definitely spinach, mushrooms and avocado. I don’t think they have been left out of a meal in a few weeks : )

Q: What are the staples you get at the grocery store EVERY week that you just couldn’t imagine your fridge with out??

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