Total Weak Sauce

What a weekend! I busted out the circuit I did on Wednesday again on Friday before heading out for the evening. Other than that I did not work out at all.. Woopsies! So that brought my total work outs for last week to only one 6 mile run and 2 30ish minute circuits. I have been sore so I guess that is something but I am feeling a wee bit disappointed in the mileage! The fact that its been hovering between 95 and 100 degrees does not help this whole situation. I will go for a run today over lunch or after work though. I don’t really see it as an option at this point!

I was supposed to go tubing down a river on Saturday but instead got to hang out in my car on the side of the road for a few hours. There was a wicked storm that ripped through DC on Friday night and the debris decided to target my front right tire as its next victim. Let me rewind quickly though to the beginning of Saturday then get to my poor tire. SO I got to my car at oh 9:30am? It was dead. I hadn’t driven it in a few days so I’m guessing I left something or another on it it, but either way it was dead. I am very practical and had my jumper cables in my apartment so I went to retrieve them, flagged down a kind patron and jumped my car. Alright, annoying, yes, able to ruin my day? Nope. I leave my apt, drive for oh 5 minutes, here a loud pop and feel my car drop a few inches. Pull off to the side of the road and this is what I see.

Seriously?!?!? I was in the left lane, this is the front right tire, how does that happen?!?! If you can’t tell my hubcap is gone too. I saw a nice Jeep drive away with it hooked into their under carriage, awesome! Well I am quite resourceful and do know how to change a falt so I got to work. My car was on a hill though so not ideal for changing a tire by any means. Well the tire wouldn’t come off. I had a few men who walked by attempt to pull it off, a road side assistance agent AND a truck full of firemen. This babe was going no where. So a tow was called. I sat on the side of the road from 9:45AM to 1PM. I should have been sitting on a tube, floating in a river. I was pretty committed to soaking up some sun though so I made the best out of a crappy situation:

While I did miss tubing I DID NOT miss seeing Magic Mike that evening. AHHHHHMazing .If you are a lover of all things man I highly recommend it.

If you need anything more than that to convince you then you obviously are not a woman. I will leave you with that eye candy and hopefully be able to report back that I worked out today.

Q: Whose weekend was better than mine?!?!?

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8 replies

  1. SAD DAY! I hate tire trouble…But I it is on my list to see Magic Mike very soon!

  2. Sometimes you need easy weeks! It’s like a reward for all the hard ones. 🙂 And at least you have sunshine where you live – feel happy about that. I’m on day 3 of raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain.

  3. Bahhh shittty about the tire!! I am glad Magic Mike made up for it! Merroww


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