Protein Packed Breakfast Sammy

I’m back on the road again! Oh the joys of solo travel… Well like I mentioned yesterday I demolished all of my groceries a few meals too early so my fridge was empty last night, which means I went out to eat : ) I landed at a Mexican restaurant and was eyeing the the veggie fajita but held it together and ordered a chicken dish. It was super yummy! I didn’t notice on the menu that there was cream in the sauce but oh well it was yummy and I only made it through about half. Thats meat 2x in one day! Holy! So I decided to start the day out right with, you guessed it, more meat! When I am at the train station I always get breakfast at Au Bon Pain, today I did the skinny wheat bagel, egg white, turkey!, spinach and avocado. Yum yum.

Now for the recap of that work out I did last night… When I got out of bed this morning every muscle in my butt and thighs was at attention and let me know. My shoulders are not sore quite yet but that is just a matter of time. I really need to start doing push ups regularly. I can completely tell if I haven’t done one for a week because my ability to do a real push up is crap. For the first set of burpees I was able to muscle out maybe 3 real push ups? A month or two ago I was able to do 3 sets of 10 so this is a big decline in strength. I have really bad shoulders (joint issues) which make working them out a pain but it needs to be done. Plus if I want beautifully sculpted arms for all the sleeveless weather we are having I should probably push through. So mini goal is to do some push ups every day. Shouldn’t be a problem because I can find a floor just about any where to do them : )

And thank you to every one for the texts and comments about the protein yesterday! I am going to do a mini shopping trip for next week but I am going to visit my parents for the majority of the week so I am off grocery duty

Q: Do you have a good work out planned for the day? Why not share it? I can cook something up on my own but I like hearing what other people do because it adds to my repertoire of go to work outs!

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  1. My workout calls for a 40 min cross train according to my half marathon training! This will consist of either the stair climber or the elliptical..or both!! Happy traveling!

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