This sandwich deserves its own post.

This has to be hands down the most DELICIOUS sandwich I have ever eaten. I just finished it and could eat 12 more. I will control myself though because I will be at the beach by the end of the day and prancing in a bathing suit. I think every one would appreciate if I didn’t look 6 months pregnant induced by an over indulge of sammies.

Let me start with the name on the container it came in, we can all drool a little together and then make sweet sweet love to the pictures…

Best sammie ever was a baked tofu sandwich with avocado, tomato, pickled cucumber, tamari, rice wine vinegar and wasabi mayo.

Do you see the seeds in the bread??? I’m really sad that all I am looking at is an empty box. I will be back in Philadelphia at the tail end of next week and you can bet I know what I’ll be eating for lunch. Sook Hee Produce you have done it again. Thank you.

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