Megan and Rex sitting in a tree…

I am out of town all week for work which means a whopping 15 meals straight eating out. While it does sound lovely it is quite dangerous to eat out all the time. I decided to take pictures of everything this week! When I am on the road I typically stick to raw / vegetarian / vegan restaurants so as to avoid the pile up of butter and cheese on things. Lets start of with breakfast yesterday!

I went to Au Bon Pain and got a skinny wheat bagel with egg whites, cheddar, arugula and avocado. No butter or aioli or anything of that sorts. I also grabbed an apple! This whole thing (apple included) rang in under 250 calories so that was a good breakfast, plus I was stuffed! One thing I make sure to do when I travel is to always have a water bottle on me so I don’t mindlessly munch. Yesterday I went through 4 1 quart bottles of water!! (I refill the same bottle, I’m not trying to kill the planet over here)

Lunch was a build your own salad at my favorite salad place in Philly. I ended up with spinach, mushrooms, corn, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and light feta. Topped it off with a light balsamic. I don’t care to ever know what the sodium content of this meal is. I also had a small rye roll. I’m ashamed to admit it but I did eat this entire thing : )

Now for dinner! I have written about the restaurant Mi Lah Vegetarian before and I am going to do it again. Its a vegan BYOB restaurant. Um yes please. So I did indeed bring a bottle of wine… and skipped the gym… shhh. Hello Rex.

They start you out with some plain white bread and a fantastic berry sauce.

I got an appetizer of steamed edamame dumpling served with oyster mushrooms in a miso broth. These were amazing!!

Next up was the main course of grilled seitan in tamarind sauce with a butternut squash, wild rice, risotto cake and carrots.

I was only able to make it through maybe half of this because I ate all the dumplings but good grief it was fabulous. I also only made it through half of Rex so I corked him and we finished out our night watching the Bachelorette. It sounds super dooper girly of me but it was just coincidence. I have honestly only seen one other episode of the Bachelorette before. It just seemed appropriate : )
More food to come every day this week!
Do you find that when you travel you eat a lot different than if you were to be cooking yourself? More meat? Less meat? Raw fruits and veggies? Lemme know!

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