Crossfit boot camp work out

As I mentioned yesterday I went for a 3 mile run prior to a work out, assuming that the work out would be rained out. Yea, that didn’t happen. I handed over the reins to one of the guys and his work out went as follows:

1 mile warm up

15 jump tucks
Army crawl 10 meters
15 burpees
Army crawl 10 meters
x4 (aka 60 of each, ow)

Walk curve of track
Sprint 100m
Walk curve of track
Sprint 100m
Walk curve of track
Sprint 200m
Walk 200m
Sprint 400m
Walk 400m
Sprint 200m
Walk 200m
Sprint 100m
Walk curve
Sprint 100m
Walk curve
(that sucked, we all came close to vomiting)

The girls and guys had separate work outs for this part and both of us ladies did different things BUT what I did was:
15 bent over rows w/ 15lb dumbbells
15 v push ups

1 mile cool down

That definitely was not fun but a great work out. I decided to run today again because it was nie out and ended up doing 4.6 miles at an overall 8:26 pace. I was bouncing around between 8:45 and some some 8 min miles for a while. Needless to say I am pooped!

My goal is to get back up to 20-25 miles a week and in the last 2 days I have ran 11.1 miles and burned over 1800 calories! Woo! I think that 20ish this week is totally doable. My legs will hate me but boy will they appreciate it the next time I throw on shorts : )

Hope every one is having a productive week and enjoy the sunshine today! When you are running and ready to give up what do you do to keep going? Any mantra or thoughts run through your head??

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