Photo shoot, sunshine and hugs

Let’s start with sunshine. There has been absolutely none today! It has been grey and gross and I was up to my knees in html and excel the entire day and just felt fried. I’m convinced that my mood has a direct dependency on how much sunshine I see and today was clearly not enough. Friday was also my last time running so that could have been it too. All in all I needed a hug today. Still waiting, sigh. Since I wasn’t going to get soon enough I decided to go for a run. I’m starting to regret it because I have a team work out that one of the boys is putting on and I think he hated all of us while he was crafting it. There is a possibility I will keel over and die. Ideally that won’t happen but the weather has cleared up so my small prayer that going for a run would possibly make it start raining again has fallen on dry skies. Luckily I only did 3 miles, I only really “ran” for a half of a mile (7:15 pace baby!) and took it easy enough on the other 2.5 miles. My shins were yelling pretty loud but whatever, I feel a million times better so the hug can totally wait until I find some one huggable.

I had a pretty awesome weekend that I feel like sharing today before getting to the photo shoot. I know you all can’t wait but try and feast your eyes on some fantastic VEGAN food that I ate on Saturday and then jump to the Megan running palooza shoot. Saturday I ate at this awesome restaurant Cafe Green in DC.

This here is vegan and gluten free mac and cheese. It was served up with corn bread and kale. The noodles were quinoa based! How cool!

Once again vegan, this is a meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy. PLUS you got some fabulous mushrooms and asparagus. NOM.

This place is a must try if you are okay with not having meat on your plate and still being satisfied in calling it dinner. After getting our main course we actually decided to get an appetizer sampler platter… don’t judge me… I didn’t get a picture of that though because I forgot to and was in a slight food coma. I was easily still recovering from an excessively long and delicious boozy brunch from earlier in the day. Outside of the food I consumed Saturday was a pretty awesome day all around. After brunch I checked out the pride festival in DuPont, watched the Euro cup and found a nice grassy area to kick around a soccer ball after the game! Then came the delicious food that you can see above. All around a fabulous day!

I ended up out pretty late Saturday night so Sunday was off to a bit of a slow start. I did manage to make it out of the house though and wound up hitting a small hiking path. The goal of the day was to climb on some rocks, scramble up some hills and try to catch some fish in the process!

Quite beautiful if I do say so myself! Speaking of beauty let’s get to that photo shoot… If you were hoping that the pictures from my half marathon came through and I finally scraped them all together then you are right. I must say the post pictures and one of the running pictures I quite fancy. Other than those two (which I will point out) I, per usual, look like I’m dying – I’ll save the good ones for the end for an eye cleanse. Feast your eyes:

This is the winner in my book! I was very pleased to find this gem in the bunch!

Great success. This race was awesome and I do look forward to eventually running another one but it will not be for a while. Well I’m off to go get abused by a cross-fitter… think being asked kindly to army crawl and burpee your way across a football field… the one saving grace is I (and I’m sure most people) have not finished a grueling work out and thought “I really wish I hadn’t ran that extra mile or done that 1000th burpee”. I know I will be psyched out of my fanny pack to say that I did it so heres to the after party.


How was every one else’s weekend???

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  1. Congrats on the race! OMG I’d love to try that vegan restaurant. I love those kinds of places, they are the most unique! I’m obsessed with app sampler platters so I certainly am not judging you.

    • It was amazingggg. I was already pretty full so I just did a bite of the three things on it and my friend killed the rest of it. Still totally worth it!!

      And thank you!!


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