When 3 miles becomes 8+

I set out for a 3 mile run today over lunch and ended up going a wee bit farther than anticipated. Last time I went for a long run I found this awesome tow path and I wanted to find it again today. Once I got going and decided to find it I assumed the 3 mile run would become 4 miles. Well 4.17 miles later I found the glorious tow path:


Totally worth finding right! Getting here was actually not too bad at all. I had some unnecessary stress in my life the last two days that was raining all over my megan parade and needed to clear my head. This run was perfect for that. It was a blistering 81 degrees and oh so very sunny. I easily sweat out about 12,000 gallons of water. I was actually fearing for my iPhone’s safety in my arm band because the heat was building up and turning into condensation. Woops. At about mile 6 I decided to take another breather because I wasn’t really in a hurry. More pictures!

That is actually a running path not a road! I absolutely love this trail. I can run into different parts of Arlington, Alexandria or I can turn and go into the District. Either way you are running along the Potomac and there is a ton of people watching which passes the time quite nicely! The run ended up being 8.34 miles. Longest solo run I’ve done in a long long time! It felt good though! I wasn’t rushing it by any means and was averaging around a 9:20 mile for the most part. AKA this was the week of lolly-gagging around Virginia! I ended up logging a little over 21 miles this week. I have been pretty bad about logging miles lately and this is the first semi respectable (for me) week I’ve had in a while. I don’t count the half last week and tough mudder a few weeks ago because they were races and I didn’t really have an option to run them! Heck I paid for it so I’m gunna do it.

I haven’t talked about my weight loss journey in a while, I think I have been pretty good about sticking to just being active and the fitness portion on the blog. I did however weigh myself today post run! I know that after a run you are dehydrated so the weight isn’t totally accurate so I did pre and post lunch, the weights were… 147.6 & 148.5!! For me this is fantastic. I can not remember the last time I broke 150lbs! Especially in the middle of the afternoon after I have had 2 meals. When I was 18 I weighed 140lbs (I am 5’7″ and quite muscular) but was not super healthy about it by any means. I am so so much stronger than I was back then and I used to be able to run maybe 3 miles at a time with out wanting to die. I never ran outside and was a slave to the gym. This little weigh in made me super happy and caused me to get dressed tres cute, I will make sure to take the camera out tonight so I can share soon! So over all weight loss since March 2011 is now 21ish lbs! It’s crazy! I can’t believe I ever let myself get that heavy but whatever I have kicked it and that weight will NEVER come back. I won’t allow it. I wouldn’t mind getting back to 140lbs and ultimately that is the goal but I don’t think I would be overly disappointed with low 140s. I am by no means a petite girl and I like that I am strong.

Happy running 🙂

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  1. That looks like a beautiful run!!! I never seem to have my camera with me when I find those perfect little paths. Congrats on the weight loss success! You have ever right to be proud!

  2. This is exactly why I like running outdoors oppose to the confines of a gym or indoors running boringly on a treadmill. Keep up the great work on your progress. Best of wishes to you!


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