Happy belated National Runners Day

Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging I saw that yesterday was National Runner’s Day. Meaning that I had to run. Even though my feet are nice and blistered and one of my toes is severely bruised and whines when I put on socks, by golly I went for a run. It was another lazy run where speed was not my concern at all. I ran 3.4 miles with an average pace of ohhhh 9:29
: )

At the half way point I dropped down and did a 10 minute ab circuit. I didn’t do the dumbbell lean because I didn’t have dumbbells. This was so very awful today!! On Monday when I hit the real gym I did a bunch of sit ups / twisted sit ups (both on a ball) and russian twists with a medicine ball. My core no joke has felt like I’ve had bruised ribs ever since. AKA it was a great work out. So the sore core coupled with my lower back that still is not back to normal made the reverse sit ups almost unbearable and the regular ones burn like a mother! BUT I did them all and was very happy when I finished! I’m a little nervous about tonight’s work out but hopefully I can pull it off. I may ditch my shoes for both of the work out portions and just keep my shoes on when running, we shall see though! I think only 4 of the 5 of us will be there tonight but hey that is still 3 more people motivating you than any other given day when you are working out solo!

SO moral of the story. Get up and get outside!! Whether you can bust out some sub 7 minute miles or hang tight around 10, no one has ever gone for a run and said “wow I really regret that last mile”. This summer there is to be no slacking and my body and yours, if you join in too, will never be angry with us for getting in that last minute work out!!

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4 replies

  1. I live by that picture quote. I am a slooowww runner and always hang out around 9:25 paces. I am more than OK with that though!! Greatttttt job getting out and running with the blisters. You’re a trooper.

    • Thanks! I even managed heels for a few hours today, barf! Way to keep trucking!! I literally could care less how fast I run right now, just gotta keep moving!

  2. I love that quote! Every time I see it on Pinterest it makes me smile! 🙂

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